Saturday, July 23, 2005

Reflecting in the middle of the night

Unable to sleep. Sitting here in front of this computer I am typing away to glory!
Reflecting on my life at 3.02 am. Why? What? How?

Do I have answers? Will I ever have? Don't know.

Why is it so difficult at times? Why do I have this unsettled feeling? Maybe because it is so very late. But then I have been like this for some days now. Depressed. Morose. For no apparent reason. Or there is? The questions I do not want to answer for myself, how do I expect others to understand? Can anyone? And why not? Maybe I am rambling? Maybe I want my mind to be read. My problems to be solved without my uttering a word! Arn't I expecting too much? Am I?


Prabha said...

yeah.. u dont worry abt these kind of feeling with bursts at some point of time.. u r in a good company.. u can query 10 people on the road.. 9.75 people will be in ur club.. so welcome to the depressed club..

gautami tripathy said...

I know I am in esteemed company of depressed people!