Wednesday, April 19, 2017

complexity of meandering

it will remain nameless, this relationship
which came out of nothing
and will go into oblivion

I simply meandered into it
despite all misgivings and warnings
on that invisible wall

why a simple soul like me
got embroiled with an oafish person
blockheaded to the core?

"there never is a rhyme and reason for such happenings, let me be, let me be"

@gautami.tripathy April 19, 2017

Doing Three Word Wednesday after a long long time. My muse had all but disappeared. Now it seems to back and I hope to write more. 


Sheilagh Lee said...

sometimes that happens all you can do is move on

Linda Ann Nickerson said...

Nice weaving of the prompt words ... and what telling lines.

Old Egg said...

We all must have had such a relationship where the realisation hopefully makes us more perceptive and careful the next time. Being forewarned does make us feel embarrassed though doesn't it?

Jae Rose said...

Meandering can leave us open to many a danger.. good to read your work again Gautami