Saturday, April 08, 2017


complexity of feelings

why so much anger at trivial reasons
why hit out at her, she who cares
when you bang the phone on her

she sheds dry tears
which can't even be wiped

she watches her dreams
shattering to thousands of pieces
each day, every day, to nothingness
is it even worth it to go forward
or should she let it go?

"no easy answers for such a question, sometimes even love can't hold together"

@gautami.tripathy April 08, 2017
complexity of being a man

that bottled water never tasted better
parched throat relished it
although the water was slightly warm

dust and grime coated him fully
his oil stained overall was no longer white
but he touched his car lovingly

his dogs seating on the cobbled path
watched him with half open eyes
is that a smirk, I see on their faces?

"a man has his dogs and his car, yet he needs soft touch of woman"

@gautami.tripathy April 07, 2017
complexity of words

the musty air surrounds the words
those words which don't come out
and hide within the recesses of the mind

a full blown novel can be written
on the paper, but the words refuse to pour forth
yet swirl all over the place in a jumble

silence holds the fort with fortitude
albeit an enforced one, with no inkling of
how to end the farce

"why then we waste words when silence is what is needed?"

@gautami.tripathy April 06, 2017


complexity of space

the space is riddled with holes
and the cement simply slithers down
maybe the space needs the air

musty, warm and full of secrets
in that half asleep, half awake state
it speculates the uncertainty

the only constant in our life
the needy air for the space
and the needy space for the air

"why do we even think of space, when all we desire is the intertwining?"

@gautami.tripathy April 05, 2017

complexity of loving

the trapped air inside the castle
seeks ways to move out
but the windows are nailed and doors are padlocked

the air settles down accepting its fate
of loneliness and staleness, the anger
having dissipated long ago

the mountains far away are invisible
through the dust laden windows
yet are so beckoning to the musty air

when after aeons, thunder strikes the castle
breaking glasses, the air escapes,
embracing the rains as an elemental lover

"the earth taught us passion by its naked display of it, towards the sun"

@gautami.tripathy April 04, 2017

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