Sunday, October 16, 2005

Resting Place...Morbid Thoughts

Feelings and thoughts as sinister as the night.
Dark clouds masking the moonlight.

I am here to have my despair released.
The only place where I will find some peace

The graveyard is calm; justifying the end.
For those left here; by strangers, family, or a friend.

The lifeless corpses in the damp graves.
With a few epitaph “in death, he is saved.”

The only remnants of those long since dead;
are the carved stones, placed at their head.

The tombstones are covered with moss and grime;
slowly festering away with passing of time.

Here I stare, standing head bowed down.
With deep longing, into the restful underground


void said...

"Wanting to rest six feet under.
Disintegrated shell; soul free to wander.
No more joy; no more pain.
Nothing to lose; Nothing to gain."

hehe...The above crap is not half as captivating.

Anyways, I want to start writing as well...any suggestions on what to start off with?

And ma'am(since you're a teacher and i'm a 22 year old boy), I try to look at the other side as well(prev comment)...but everything's just the same. Godel's theorem :p


gautami tripathy said...

Not bad!! Rather good!

Join Ryze. Take the web page link from my profile page. Or send me an email from there, Lets see what I can do.......

Godel's theorem is not applicable everywhere......Life? Never!!

Happy musing...


void said...

Just published my first post titled "Godels theorem and life"

Happy reading :-)