Sunday, November 13, 2005


Filled with thoughts of you
Closed eyes dreaming you
Do you ever think of me?
Do you want to wait for me?
Does it matter I am afar?
So are the sun, moon and stars
Hurts so very deep I know
But I cannot seem to let go.
All that I want right now
To be with you, tell me how
Wishing for us to be together
Intense feelings lasting forever

Wrote this for a writing exercise but have not not posted it. Should I? It does not fare as a great love song though!


Just A Human said...


I guess a mind game is going on within - your poems echos your thoughts.

gautami tripathy said...

Writing is catharsis!

Anonymous said...

Heard the same thing about writing our own 'obituary' as well :-)


gautami tripathy said...

Oh,it seems I am getting repetitive!! Must think of smething new! Like, I am just plain crazy.......:)