Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pinnacle of Pleasure

black vines entwine

to walls in the countryside
thunders bring in the cold night
trees welcome embracing rain
just like lover his beloved

soil awaits its turn
soaking in the water
to its core through it pores
quenching its thirst
as never before

lightning strikes
showing the nudity of nature
in all its splendour
in the arms of water
pouring as if to consume.

the storm abates
hunger satisfied,
each single part replete
the earth settles about
after orgasmic release!


Keshi said...

We need some rain here in Aus too...yes the soil awaits the soaking...

lovely poem!

Anonymous said...

Wow, wonderful imagery, Gautami! You have captured the copious Bombay monsoons so aptly. I have really enjoyed this poem and at the risk of repeating myself I will say your beautiful poems always make me so homesick...

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

wonderful! this is so passionate! thanks --- I'm e-mailing you now about the photos. :)

Ces said...

what a beautiful vivid poem Gautami.

But are monsoons overflowing though sometimes causing massive flooding?

Pat Paulk said...

Nature and sex, or the nature of sex?? I love it!!

Anonymous said...

yes, the rains always bring welcome relief from the heat.

same over here in singapore. there will be lots of rain in december. :)

polona said...

great poem and a spectacular photo!

gautami tripathy said...

Here is rains for you, Keshi!

lotus: Thanks. Do I go and see your in-laws and parents in Bangalore?

andrew: That is some comment, thanks.

ces: monsoons overflow in Mumbai but not in Delhi. We barely have three days of rains here!

pat: you got it right, man. That was my intention.

dsnake1:good luck. I hate rains in December. It spoils the winter.

polona: Thanks...

Homo Escapeons said...

That was perfect and it works on so many levels...and your photo really set the mood.
Great post! Bravo G, your inner editor must be very pleased with that effort.

Jon Cox said...


samuru999 said...

A wonderful, passionate poem!
loved it!


Ghost Particle said...

the next competition I will do a poetry comp. Ok...for now this one. :D

gautami tripathy said...

homo escapeons: well yes, it did. I was very satisfied with this effort of mine.

For sometime now, I am kind of doing good in my poetry. And to think of it, I started as prose writer.


jon: Welcome after so long!

Margie: Hug you!

ghost: ok. But I am going to Bangalore. Don't think I will write before I get back on 17th Dec.

floots said...

(almost looking forward to the next storm) :)

gautami tripathy said...

Hope it comes soon, floots!