Sunday, December 31, 2006


feelings- ambivalent, ambiguous.
emotions too unresolved to incarcerate.
ideas spilling over each other.
notions repudiating to visualize.
unimaginative, unmotivated yet
words determined to be revealed;
stripped bare, completely naked,
exposing the cavernous soul.

nonetheless, why do i bottle it all up?


grumplestiltskin said...

i think i bottle it up
i can look at it more closely
(but sometimes the contents leak)

a heart felt piece
enjoyed it

happy new year 2u2

sage said...

Have a wonderful New Year.

Yes said...

maybe one needs to bottle up something so explosive--while we learn how to express the essence of what we need to show the world...

And you're well on your way there!

Many wishes for health, good fortune and much love for the coming year!

Margie said...

I was talking to a very close friend on the phone tonight(for over 4 hours) and I expressed to her deep feelings I had bottled for some time!
It felt so good!

I relate to your poem very much!
Excellent one Gautami!

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

So many of us wonder why we bottle it up. You expressed these feelings well here.

Borut said...

Yes why cradle such a powerful world in a bottle!?:) I liked it straight away! Happy New Year Gautami! More poems from the bottomless bottle!?:)

Paul said...

Guess there may be different kinds of bottling up and for different reasons. Maybe the main thing's figuring out what's in the bottle, which it looks like you're doing, so you can decide to pour some out, let it be, or uncork and let it evaporate slowly...

But I think I'm getting a little carried away with the metaphor here...!

Pat Paulk said...

Something I think we all do from time to time. Well expressed!!

WithinWithout said...

One of my favourite poems by you, Gautami! Short, but it says so much, with a real fluidity.

Yes, why bottle it up? I think Percival may be on to seem very analytical and intelligent and maybe you need to just observe what's inside before you let it come out.

Smiles and hugs.

Carol (a.k.a. Lady Wordsmith) said...

What a terrific capture! A bit of fluid thought caught to contemplate emotion and emotion's impact - whether it's released, or not.

I deeply appreciate the sentiment. Questioning why it's bottled? I suspect most, if not all of us, bottle it up. But I wonder how many of take the time to wonder why.

After having taken a decidedly long break from sharing thoughts and emotions in this world, I have returned. Here. To this splendid question. Thanks for giving me such a splendid thought to consider.

Happiest of new year blessings to you! Ever yours ~Lady

Keshi said...


Happy New Year Gautami!

I hope ur mum is keeping well.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I read this before, but I guess I forgot to leave a note. You are so good with words! :)

get zapped said...

Looks (and sounds) like you let it out! Good for you! It will come out one way or another, why not let it do it freely?

Peace to you for 2007!

gautami tripathy said...

floots: I think you got a point there of looking more closely. Thank you.

sage: so do you.

firebird: I couldn't agree more. Life teaches us as we go along.

margie: I am glad yopu let tha all out. We do need some kind of outlet.

gautami tripathy said...

gel: thanks. I had to.

borut: That is too good. We can't bottle the vast world. I will let it out! LOL!

gautami tripathy said...

percival: There are different kind of bottles for different kinds of feelings. Some we let up slowly, some we keep tightly lidded never to let it out. We just instinctively know what to do where.

But it hurts. Too much at times.

gautami tripathy said...

pat: yes. We do. Thanks for understanding.

gautami tripathy said...

within without: thanks. I do write short poems as I get bored writing longer ones. I get restless halfway through those.

Sometimes emotions get better of us. Analytical and logical thinking flies out of the window.

But then that might be the reason I have survived.

gautami tripathy said...

lady wordsmith: welcome back. You were missed. Thanks for liking this. This is one eternal question.

Happy new year to you too.

keshi: thanks. Happy new year toyou too.

andrew: Thats ok. I like the way you write too.

getzapped: Glad to see you again. Thanks.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Wow. It's like this poem read yesterday. All the bottled up stuff came up. Thank you, friend, for sharing this with me.

ghost particle said... prominence.

Anon said...

I have found that most people that write, bottle things up - uncorking the bottle to let a drop or so out at a time as is manageable.