Monday, July 28, 2008

deeply in love with dracula’s daughter

I know it is not a ballad but it does have a story!

strolling in the graveyard
with roses in my hand,
along with the fog rolling in
for her tryst with sin;
a banshee screams,
in my nightmarish dream.

deeply in love with dracula’s daughter

creatures of darkness
what music they make.
life in the night, most don't know;
lives in the shadows, which light throws.
terror runs deep where murkiness falls,
thirst never quenched from hunger’s call.

deeply in love with dracula's daughter

never could fathom
in my wildest dreams.
life has its own course, it now seems
it follows only its own whims.
I cannot but help whom I love;
I cannot help that she thrives on blood.

deeply in love with dracula’s daughter

unmindful of what others think,
I trudge along towards my queen,
our nuptials to be held on halloween.
I look forward to good times ahead
but vampires in love with her, are sad
as I would be calling dracula, dad.

deeply in love with dracula's daughter

the very thought of her
love-bites after twilight;
her scratching nails all through the night
her bloody kisses just before dawn,
her writhing body against my own,
just stop short of driving me wild.

deeply in love with dracula's daughter


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

This could almost be a song lyric, Gautami. It's got that good rhythm to it. (why is the ballad important? Are you writing for a prompt?)

Jill said...

Being in love with a vampire is sexy, yet sad, because we don't live in the same world! Pretty poem, Gautami

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

oooh, I've always liked dark poems. this has a speed to it, too. I like it!

Whitesnake said...

Ghost of a rose!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the remarks above about these being good song lyrics! It makes me think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, too, a favorite series. I like the repeating refrain of "deeply in love with dracula's daughter."

Danny Wise said...

This is fun, fun, fun! Nuptuials on halloween etc.. Dead good!

Anonymous said...

That last stanza is my favorite -- I like this a lot.

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

I like, I like, I like! Seems your foray into darkness is producing some spectacular work!


Anonymous said...

A power ballad then, like Guns&Roses.

Great work. :)

Jenn: said...

I loved reading this one, and it is perfect with the drawing.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

'her bloody kisses just before dawn,
her writhing body against my own,
just stop short of driving me wild.'

Ooo! Shivery! With delight. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I don't why, I find this amusing but perhaps it's not meant to be written that way? I don't know, I like the rhyming and the way perspective groom somehow has a sense of humor and yet desires this vampire so much that even death doesn't seem to concern him, and the part of calling Dracula dad? clever!

Anonymous said...

Lyrical and flowing. I really like it!

maryt/theteach said...

"Love bites after twilight..." beautiful, gautami! Very nice!

Bill said...

I'm seeing Bela Lugosi in drag. Actually, there's a pretty good movie called "Dracula's Daughter." I forget the name of the actress who plays the title role.

poefusion said...

This is a delightful read. Good rhythm and strong repeating line. Nuptials on Halloween, very clever. Nice job. Have a nice day.

anthonynorth said...

Next time you think you've lost the muse, just think what delights you've yet to write once you've rested :-)

You're coming back with real style.

Anonymous said...

oh, i love this. calling dracula dad is very clever.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful poem. Today must be Dracula day. Devourer of Books published a review of The Dracula Dossier.

polona said...

ooh, this is great, the rhythm and all...

Becca said...

This one begs to be read aloud I think, with an appropriately spooky sounding voice! And yes, it has a great, driving rhythm!

Well done!

Anonymous said...

Cool, a very original idea for a poem and very well executed.

Joy Renee said...

this has it all: imagery, rhythm, alliteration and rhyme and story to boot. I don't know what makes a ballad but I can practically hear this set to music. oh and see the music video too.

very well done

Anonymous said...

romantic image and ballad!

interesting rhyme scheme!

i like how the lover is thinking it through (drac as dad?) yet moving forward to do the wild thing! shows the passion

Anonymous said...

A truly romantic tale, and addictive too.

Stan Ski said...

Fiendishly funny in a dark kind of way.

Linda Jacobs said...

I'm sitting here chuckling at your imagination and thankful for it!

Anonymous said...

You writing carries such a wonderful dark humor that is helped along by the rhyme.

Tumblewords: said...

And you're back in full form and with a tale to tell! This is delicious!

Anonymous said...

The repetition works great here, gautami! Full of pathos and humor, the best kind of monster tales. Great stuff.