Wednesday, October 29, 2008

speak out

Telephone cables were stolen on Sunday night. Due to which 4000+ lines were affected. I was without net access for two days. It feels good to be back.

damage had been so unyielding
a little girl not even in her teens
mere colours painted on her lips
and so exacting a punishment-
severe beatings, deep knife gashes
on her body told another tale
set to fire by her own great uncle
she lay there for days on the ice
screaming before succumbing to death

"we the silent spectators are the corpse, not she"

Based on a true acount where a 11 year old girl was set to fire for putting on lipstick. She died a couple of days back.


Write On Wednesday

If you’ve done NaNoWriMo, what was the experience like for you? If you’ve never done it, do you think you could? Do you have a novel residing in you somewhere, waiting to get out?

Last year I signed in for NaNoWriMo very enthusiastically. I had a novel planned and started to write it it. But after 4 days and 7000+ words, I simply gave it up. I think I don't have the patience or most important the discipline to write certain numbers of words in a day. It kind of put a block on my thought process. I write every day, almost every day but when I know that I have to do it, I can't.

I got lots of novels planned in my head. And so they remain there. Wanting to come out. Some are already written in journals. Pages and pages of it. Why constrain oneself for only 30 days of writing?

I am not cut out for NaNoWriMo. Anyway, I find the name obnoxious. As many participants are from outside of US, it should renamed which has to do with internationally. One more reason, I will not sign in this year.


Rose Dewy Knickers said...

Such a senseless and brutal death.

BK said...

Seems exciting to me but I could stop in my tracks. I'm excited to try at least.

lissa said...

hard to believe in this modern world, such things still get punish for, it seem harsh to me, it's just lipstick at all

anyway, I can understand why you don't want to do nano again, it is very time constrain in a way, and I also didn't care much for the name or the anagram, which I keep getting wrong

Tiffany said...

So sad about the little girl.

Nano isn't for everyone. People are different in what motivates or doesn't motivate to write.

angel said...

The poem is very powerful. It's awful that the account was a true story. So sad.

sage said...

that is horrible about the girl-her uncle must of been a beast (and I speak hopefully in the past tense).

Sorry about your phone lines--that's a bummer.

ThomG said...

Very powerful voice to protest a sickness, a senseless death.

tumblewords said...

Ah, yes. A senseless death. What are humans becoming?
This will be my 4th year at NaNoWriMo - three novels behind me. I haven't a clue what will happen this year, but I am game for whatever.

Richard said...

oh, dear God... well written, though.

On a cheerier note: Happy Diwali! I sent an email earlier.

and lol (sorry) about the stolen phone lines - only in India.

Art and Poetry said...

The last line about the 11 year old girl is profound and depressing

Michelle Johnson said...

Hello Gautami~ Your poem about that girl touched me so. I can't believe people can be that cruel. I don't wear makeup but, don't punish those who do. As for NaNoWriMo, I don't participate. I don't think I could put myself through the agony even though I do have a novel idea I want to work on putting to the page someday. Have a nice night.

~willow~ said...

It's horrible that some people consider life so cheap ... it's a great poem about a terribly sad subject.

btw: about NaNo: I "failed" last year, but am trying again this year. check back in mid-Nov and see if I'm still trying, LoL!

dsnake1 said...

there are still people living in the Stone Age. such a sad story.

the prices of base metals keep going up. so people try all ways to get some extra cash. over here, at one time, even power cables and metal gratings for drains get stolen. :)

Vin said...

what a world ? is it 2008 ?

kool kay said...

thanks for your comment, the news is very heart breaking :(

some men never attain the human quality.

cyclopseven said...

Human can change the world, but not themselves. Brutality of human superstitions, traditions and sentiments have put on halt every progress made by man.

Fangs said...

id read about it in the 'paper'..

the last line about us gave me the shivers..

compassion, prayer and faith.