Sunday, April 11, 2010

mystical dawn

bamboo shoots beat against each other
the sound of it
in the silence of the night
scares away dark thoughts

how long have I been awake?
it seems like forever
aeons of time merging into it
is it morning yet?

bellowing curtains
shadow the moonlight
when dawn breaks in,
into the room

I fall asleep deeply, dead to the world
but very alive in mystical one


John's comments said...

Vivid scene with strong sensory hooks. This week I have gone for a Haiku as a simile. My Haiku is here

sarah said...

Ooh, I very much like the feeling of this one. Like John said, it's a vivid scene and you've really created a physical sense of it.

Jim said...

Hey Tami, sooooo nice! Right away I thought of a bamboo wind chime. They make a lot of noise too.
Seems we are having a rash of bamboos shoots around today. :)

Jim's Haiku Bones is here

Janet said...

dead to the real world and alive in the mystical one...there are those cultures who believe the dream world is the "real" one and this waking world is just imagination.

I liked the bamboo curtain between the worlds.

SOL said...

I liked the use of italics for the speaker's thoughts.

Stan Ski said...

Sometimes I stay awake just listening to the night - it's voice is very reassuring.

Ramesh Sood said...

Happened to visit your blog and wondered why it didn't happen earlier. It's a good feeling to know that I became 100th follower to your blog... After reading this I remebered having written:

Searching for my Sun
In the vastness of night skies
Whatever happened to my mornings..

Hope we will keep visiting each other in the world of thoughts...

Lorraine said...

very precious dawn ...I love this sleepeasy ;)

Julia Smith said...

A happy ending at last, like a sigh.

Chatterbox said...

You brought pictures of a serene night to my mind. I totally agree the sound sleep you get in the early morning hours is a total bliss :)

Loved visiting your wonderful blog :D

Keep up the good work.


Amity said...

scare's away dark thoughts? not me i guess...the more i would be frightened and eager to see the new dawn!

is it morning yet? I wish too...

BlueMist said...

Very well done. loved the images you sketched. the morning sleep is deep and peaceful.

Creativity!! said...

Woww!!!!!!!! Beautiful :) :)

gabrielle said...

Enjoyed the sense of falling deep into dream world. Mornings are perfect for that.

Yousei Hime said...

Well done. Good imagery and connection to the reader. Really enjoyed this.

sg beatty said...

"mystical dawn" is the perfect name.

nice writing...flows smoothly
almost like a song

Sandra (if) said...

those nights can be creative!