Thursday, December 04, 2008

keep it burning, keep it alive

this time I will keep it burning within my soul
whatever is left of it,
I will not let the balance of my thoughts tilt

forgetting and moving on is not what I need, we need.
anger is being kept alive with calculated move and resolve
human spirit, what of it?
it lost its meaning giving way to numbness
I will not let you, the powers that are, to dictate me
like the way you always did, always do
calmness that you see now hides a volcano
invisible to you as yet.
when it hits you, you won't know where to run
I will not let my mind wander
I will not wash the blood
I will not brush anything aside
I will keep it right in front
to look each day to remind me, they are gone
to remember, to keep all those who lost their innocent lives
and I am alive by sheer chance or timing or place
colour of the blood, no matter from where, is always red

time that you- our esteemed, so called worthy leaders-
shed yours to save us, who make you come into power
remember, we can kick you out too, similarly


Anonymous said...

such heartfelt tributes are the only things which will reach the departed souls..

Stan Ski said...

Saddened, sickened by the outrage in Mumbai - I visited the Taj hotel, while in India 10 years ago. I've often thought about returning - still would love to.

anthonynorth said...

Powerful and poignant. Excellent.

gP said...

powerful words. i agree with you, why should we forget. we must remember. and as Milady wrote, we will write about the bad things they did so that they wont get the big exposure they want to brainwash more naive souls. they will go down.

Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

A very powerful post. I am glad you did it, reached out with your poignant words. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Nice poem, sad events.:(

sage said...

Powerful--you often have twist in the ending of your poems, this on is a little unique and I like it. Prayers for India and for the world and the threats we face.

Tumblewords: said...

Fine work! Powerful and wise! There is much wrong right now and it behooves us to keep it in the light!

poefusion said...

Strong poem, Gautami. I can only hope everyone will take note and make the change that's so evidently needed. I'm sorry for these losses. Hope you can find peace in your words. Have a nice day.

Linda Jacobs said...

Oh, there is so much heart in this poem!

I love the line, "calmness that you see now hides a volcano." It's so powerful!

How have your students responded?

Anonymous said...

Very powerful. I could feel the emotion.

WithinWithout said...

I could feel the emotion too, and it's wonderful and forceful, but it's unclear...are you so close you might have been one of the victims in different circumstances?

I know I've been away...I might have missed a great deal. But why is this so close to you?

venuss66 said...

A very powerful poem. Glad that you are back with a poem full of emotion.
You take care.

gautami tripathy said...

Chris: It happened in Mumbai. This time. We have had several attacks in the past few months all over India. This was worst. It was war for three days. Point is, it can happen anywhere. And we have been apathetic too long. Not any more. Our Govt has a soft stand towards terrorists due to vote bank politics. We are not going to stand that anymore. What I express here is felt by almost all Indians.

You bet, we feel closer...

Devika Jyothi said...

I am cent percent with you here Gautami...we feel closer and we become closer...

i am happy to see you back with this one :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Gautami, Well said!

Whitesnake said...

Awesome and thoughtfully put!

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

Wow. Very powerful. I agree - why wash the blood away? Why sweep the tragedy under the carpet so quickly?

My prayers to you and those suffering.


Doe said...
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Doe said...

is always red...indeed
so well-written!!!
My heart bleeds for those who lost their loved ones

much peace