Thursday, August 05, 2010

About comment boxes...

I thought I would take a moment to rant here. I do that once in a while although in the recent past I have not done much of that.

Today I will talk about the comment boxes.

As we all know blogger has introduced the embedded comment box, and it has been a while now. Somehow I don't find it user friendly, especially if one uses word verification. Why do I have to click it at least thrice to get my comments through? It truly pisses me off.

I also don't like the intensedebate way of commenting. It also takes a while and I kind of desist from commenting there unless , it is something I can't miss.

Open id is a good way. Wordpress uses it, although it is somewhat different. Commenting on wordpress blogs is a pleasure.

I don't mind comment moderation and/or word verification, but both being used together, is not a good option. Have either of the two, not both. I didn't have either but due to spam, I have resorted to word verification. And any comment older than two weeks, goes into moderation.

We all thrive on comments. And the least we can do is to make it easy for our visitors to leave their foot prints.

That's all I gotta say for now. I do welcome your inputs too.


Tina Trivett said...

Yes, it can be very frustrating.

Hope things are well in your part of our world. :)

brenda w said...

One thing that I like about blogger comment boxes is the option to see the original post to the left. I recently reformatted my comments that way, like yours are formatted. Then I can easily look for a specific turn of phrase or section of interest, easily, while I peruse the post.

All the clicking is maddening, and time runs short some days, but still. This is my preferred comment format.

keiths ramblings said...

I agree with everything you said. It is so frustrating having three operations in order to post a comment only to find that you got the word verification wrong!

Only a minute ago I had to delete yet another load of Chinese characters from my blog, so as much I dislike word verification, I have decided to adopt the same format for comments as yours.

May I steer you towards my latest post? I've set a few of my blogging associates a challenge and I'd be delighted if you would consider having a go at it!

Now, let's see if I can get this word right......aviredi!

sage said...

please tell me if mine is hard to navagiate--it's been a while since I played with the settings. I have put comment moderation on all post over 7 days old because I often get spam without knowing it. Probably 90% of the comments on older posts are spam and are erased.

Ralf Bröker said...

Some browsers, firewalls and protection-software stops everything but non-protected commenting-boxes. I prefer wordverfication (to stop spam) but I only use moderation in my kukai-blog (to give same chances to all participants).

Best wishes (and clapping my hands for a good item!)

Ruth said...

Oh, I am so with you on this, so frustrated with the difficulty of communicating my appreciation of blogs on blogspot (I have an old blogspot myself, but mostly blog on wordpress now) - and having to do everything twice, thrice, before it takes. I can only hope that they'll find a way to make it easier while still being secure.

Natalie~Coffee and a Book Chick said...

Hear, hear! I agree wholeheartedly!

Gigi Ann said...

I agree with all you say here. I sometimes like to comment on at least 10 blogs when we do the memes. It is time consuming and with all the clicking to get a comment posted, I sometimes give it up after a few times commenting on others blogs, because, I have run out of time, and have to get on with other things. Like shutting down the computer and getting to work, the dust never takes a holiday.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Blogger is tough when it comes to moderating and responding to comments. I don't use word verification, but do use comment moderation which has worked well for me.

BTW...I love your photo; very attractive. Your hair is lovely too.