Tuesday, October 05, 2010


a miniscule particle 
I drift in airlessness
almost weightless

a metaphor for what
has there to be an explanation-
I think not

ecstasies of nothingness
beats the joys of perfection
exception being love

shape is not defined
yet so welcome
giving me the freedom

to be what I like
just a shadow
take any form

as mundane as a bowl of soup,
a plate of colourful salad
even scrambled eggs

drift into space
pulled up by the stars.
or into a black hole

"fall into an abyss or disappear into a black hole, nirvana is never afar"


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moondustwriter said...

there is certainly nothing mundane about this poem.

It is very thought provoking; the kinda poem you could reflect on for days and keep learning something.

Nice One Shot

Moon Smiles

Ben Langhinrichs said...

I like the poem, especially the stanza which starts "as mundane as a bowl of soup". My only question is, in the second stanza is there a word missing? It doesn't sound right, but without punctuation, I may be missing the obvious.

katrin said...

:) I am new to oneshotwednesday. and reading some of the poems. I am in awe. English not my first language, but maybe not yours either. You write beautifully.
I do understand it through the very last phrase 'nirvana is never afar', because that's where i live.

Maureen said...

I appreciate your use of concrete details in writing about the abstract. I also like your inclusion here of the quoted lines. You've captured well the concept of nirvana.

gautami tripathy said...

Ben, thanks! I had missed out a word there! I fixed it.

Brian Miller said...

oh very nice...think i migh chew on this one for a bit...thank you for stretching me...nice one shot!

KB said...

The freedom to be oneself is something to be cherished.

dustus said...

your poem had me thinking of freedom and not taking myself so seriously—to lose self, transforming mentally, being at peace. TY

Shashidhar Sharma said...

So beautiful and I enjoyed the way you moved with the words... creating a beautiful imagery of Shunya (Nothingness)... as well as the enlightneing thought you brought about and ended it perfectly..

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
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Mary said...

Beautiful. I feel myself floating with your words.

barbara said...

ha. love the scrambled eggs! (though the first time I had some cooked well was very near an ecstatic experience)

Diane T said...

Beautifully written poem. I love the flow of the words.

Desert Rose said...

i am stunned..that one is deeply beautiful! nice..:)

RiikaInfinityy said...

Wow, wonderful and so true, love the last line especially!=D

flaubert said...

Oh Gautami I love and the third stanza is perfect!

Tilly Bud said...

'as mundane as a bowl of soup' - a nice image.

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful journey into nothingness. Especially like the contrast with the solid mundane images of food. Really like so many of your lines, that I'm not going to choose between them. They are a whole, a very satisfying one,


Vinay Leo R. said...

thoughtful and thought provoking.. your poem is absolutely wndrful to read, Gautami :)

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Bubba said...

Indeed, nothing is the very key to Nirvana. Nice One Shot, Gautami!

Beachanny said...

I always like your work. This seems like an unwinding of a set of poems or puzzles taking us through portal to the edge of nirvana. Thanks, Gay @beachanny

Flying Monkey said...

I love how you express the inseparability of relative and ultimate truth. Well done! I needed that reminder today.

Chris G. said...

Interesting, very insightful. I'll admit it's got the thoughts racing in my own mind at the moment, darting through some existential courses...very nicely done. Sparks many questions, many considerations.

Freedom, nirvana, serenity...you've captured it here, and masterfully so. Fantastic One Shot submission!

ms pie said...

i like this form of nothingness... words to chew on