Sunday, December 18, 2011

hidden by shadows

I stand here
half in shadows
my glasses hiding my eyes
the tears stream down
your shadow on my jacket
provides a kind of security blanket
I look so aloof
the boards behind enhance that
do you think
standing at the crossroads
is an easy task?
fetch that inkpot
let me pen my last note
let me raise it for your health

"my watch stopped long time ago"


Kathe W. said...

standing at the crossroads- well written. Love the last line.

booguloo said...

Love the last three lines.

Carolina Linthead said...

tears stream down your shadow on my jacket...just beautiful! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

great way to combine prompts.

i like the shadow being a blanker

christopher said...

I'm with boog - the last three lines lift your poem into place in my soul.

Whitesnake said...

All you have to do is wind it up!

Gwen said...

Love how you used the shadow as something more concrete:)

The Write Girl said...

This is such a beautiful piece. So full of emotion and heart. Beautiful photo as well.

Old Egg said...

What an emotive piece. Isn't it strange how breakups hurt so much more the longer you delay their happening.

I loved the play on words with "my watch stopped long ago." It was as though your duty had been completed but he could not see it.

Ramesh Sood said...

your shadow on my jacket
provides a kind of security blanket

I was stuck by these lines.. beautiful, Gautami.. as always.. great work..

Tarang Sinha said...

"your shadow on my jacket
provides a kind of security blanket" Liked this line. Nice!:)

Jae Rose said...

Another poignant piece..your last lines always leave me with a story in themselves..Jae

Aakriti said...

Wow Gautami.....superbly written piece. Such a different take on a picture!! And the end. ah! so unique and delightful:)
Dropping by from Jingle Poetry

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

deep, wonderful magpie.

Brian Miller said...

well the crossroads and there in the closing line as well..

Ms. Geek Goddess said...

Clever! :)

Anonymous said...

nice work, fun and interesting!

happy gooseberry day!

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

excellent tale.
Thanks for sharing with poetry picnic.

Dee Martin said...

loved this - I could almost hear the intake of breath as the writer turns from fear to writing it out.

Dee Martin said...

oops sorry Gautami - my profile links to an old blogger account - should be

deborah - westlander poetry said...

wonderful poem & image ... seamless weaving of the prompts!

Unknown said...

beautiful talent shining here.

Incredible work,
Happy Holidays….
if you write Haiku, welcome sharing with us,
1 to 3 or more are welcome.
no theme.
Hope to see you in,

Anonymous said...

I found this to be mysterious. I liked "your shadow on my jacket".