Monday, January 14, 2008

comrades in arms----Read Write Poem/Monday poetry train

Do not forget to ride the Monday Poetry Train....

Packing my assorted things, I go over it yet again
This was getting ridiculous
You just lay there with that longing look on your face.
I knew I would go to you, doing what you desired
However, not for a short while.
We had planned to go out together long time back.
You had wanted it to be as soon as possible
Since the day, you came home with me.
We were near yet there was space between us
We both wanted it to disappear
Somehow, that had not happened.
No instant chemistry, not the way I wanted it
Only a comfortable feeling.
On the long run, that might work better.
Slowly affection might turn to raging love
We were both prepared to take the risk.
Very open to go to new frontiers.
To be truthful, you were not the only one I was going out with.
I have had my moments of madness.
You are unperturbed about that.
I also know I will move on after sometime.
I know me, I know my limitations
I suppose you know that too.
Your exterior speaks out to me.
You are my travelling companion this time.
Both of us are aware that there would be something lasting
You would still be very important when I do leave you
A part of me. Always with me. Bits and Pieces.
I go to you. Take you in my arms.
Inhale you slowly taking in your newness.
Yes, you always seem new to me.
I lock up. Without looking behind, we venture to the unknown

On that car to airport, I hold you so close not wanting to let you go
After checking inside the Aeroplane, I finally open up.
I flick the pages and start reading you, getting totally engrossed,
Thinking why didn’t I do it before this?


Steve said...

I took a deep breath and reread this.

Beautifully written.

Square1 said...

What a wonderful analogy. I enjoyed this very much, somehow knowing I had to hurry to the end to find out what you were referring to, because I knew it was not what my mind wanted to think it was. Nicely done as usual, Gautami.

Crafty Green Poet said...

this made me smile... I too always have a book with me when I'm travelling

cocaine jesus said...

clever but now show-offy! like the way that you fed us the romance as though it were a lover. books are one of my loves too. i am currently reading haruki murakami's 'the wind up bird chronicles'.

Jo said...

This has a nice pace, Gautami.....I love to read and travel too!

paisley said...

sometimes i wish there really was an "everlasting story" something that would go on and on,, and be a constant companion... very nicely done.....

Anonymous said...

I thought at first it was a relationship with a person, and then the surprise ending! Nice, gautami.

R.G. ALEXANDER said...

very clever-and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

One of your best works Gautami. An open and emotional rendering of human relationships. We can all relate to this.

homo escapeons said...

How would you ever find time to read when you do so much writing?
You know the old addage about doing twice as much listening as talking because we have two ears and one mouth...well that ratio goes right out the window when you count the number of fingers that you use for writing.

Loved your sneaky little post...and here I thought that you were being a little naughty and exploitive. Silly me.

Margie said...

Beautiful poem, Gautami!
Happy New Year!


SB said...

oooo! a sting poem!

well done.

Linda said...

In our teachers' room one day someone asked, "What would you rather do: have sex or read a book?" Most of the guys said sex but the women opted for the book!

I, too, love to smell my books. I can't help it. It's part of the pleasure. When my students see me doing it, they say, "Ms. Jacobs has a new best smeller." They crack me up!

Your poem is alive with sense words and images. What a treat!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yet another beautiful one. I get this narrator, and I like that I do.

Jill said...

Gautami, this one is different from the other.
There is a mix feeling about this one! I was wondering if they would ever be in love, and then, do she already miss him??

...deb said...

Oh, you caught me, completely. I see (or read) why you had fun. I did, too.

Within Without said...

Sly girl...had me sucked in too, you did, right to the very end...

BB said...

Yes, you caught me out too :)

sister AE said...

sneaky! i like it.

Robin said...

You got me too, very sly ending!

keith hillman said...

I wondered where this was leading! A terrific piece of writing - as usual!

Redness said...

Wonderful, intriguing right to the end, Thank YOU!

tumblewords said...

How fun - a new or old good book is about the best thing that can happen. Nice post!

Anonymous said...

Brought back memories... of a long distance relationship....what would have happened if he didn't like me the first time we met? Thank goodness he did, and I did... and the song that goes something like... though your someone I'll always choose to love, you're only someone I used to love.....

Great... and not what I expected at all!!