Thursday, September 11, 2008

rains and mud, shouldn't there be a frog too?

my trousers rolled up to my knees
I walk in the rain holding
my yellow umbrella
flourescent colour of it
brightens the drab day
an interesting one that was
where hysterical laughter
mingled with inert sadness
why can't I see through
the misted droplets
is it pouring as never before
or my tears render me blind

I let the umbrella go
look up the heaving sky
letting it wash my deepest bleakness
waiting for the sun
to peep through and
gleefully play hide and seek with me
I ignore the pleading tones
of the muddy umbrella to pick it up
instead I look at the tiny frog
jumping up and down at my feet
small yet filled so much with life
my heart soars up as never before

"what is it about another life that moves us so?"


Art and Poetry said...

Its very nice, profound even!

Anonymous said...

great ending lines here. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the reference to hide and seek. I was waiting for the prince to make an appearance and yes isn't life amazing?

sage said...

I like the movement in the poem, but my first thought (or mental image) was of the Morton Salt girl (it's an old ad where you have a girl with an unbrella and a box of salt). I googled it and realized, that her unbrella isn't colored, it's her dress that's yellow

Gemma Wiseman said...

O wow! I love how in the flooding of an emotional downer, a princely frog can awaken a smile!

Russell CJ Duffy said...

The frog and man are kind of one and the same thing aren't they? Both products of the same creative force. I think that we see that in all living things.
Fantastic poem as ever.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sometimes it's the smallest things, the briefest moments that can save us.

Whitesnake said...

You made mud pies when you were younger aye?

anthonynorth said...

Our fascination for other lives never goes away.

Anonymous said...

hi g... love the last line... how easily we can let go of things and see the real picture yes... the simplicity of life moving constantly... beautiful...

Romeo Morningwood said...

I found this Ribbiting!

Instead of stopping to smell the roses we could lick Cane Toads.

Personally I love to see Frogs because they are an environmental benchmark species, an indicator of pollution levels in the water.

We have very few Frogs hopping around now..there used to be 'tons' of Frogs and Toads when I was a kid. It makes me nervous.

gP said...

its because in them we see what we want to do.

Tumblewords: said...

Ah, I like the question and surely enjoyed the poem! Vivid and vibrant.

Linda Jacobs said...

Love the umbrella! And all your images are drawn so well!

cyclopseven said...

subtly weaved through a life that we often ignore. Very profound.

Stan Ski said...

After prolonged rain, I often open the door to frogs as well as crabs, come to shelter beneath my porch.

Anonymous said...

Lovely. I love your obvious care for the natural world.