Friday, November 07, 2008

Champions of writing and bonding

Are you having a hard time staying the course toward fulfilling your writing dreams? What are you doing about it?

Despite being a teacher, that too a mathematics teacher, I am kind of disorganised. However, writing is the only thing I stick to regularly. Yes, there are days I can't write but those times are not very frequent. All of my writings is for my own pleasure. I have thought of publishing but never got around it. To speak truthfully, I am not a champion of my own writing. I don't set up a goal and write. I do it as and when I wish it. But nowadays I take short breaks during work and pen own something. It refreshes me.

Being on the net too helps me get to know many good writers and we form networks, helping each other out by the way of encouragement. Writing exercises and prompts do make the creative juices flow, which in turn help us in forming bonds of blogging brotherhood/sisterhood between people from diverse cultures and countries.

Lately I have observed a shift in my own writings. I am venturing out of my poetry to write more of of prose. I have submitted a story in a story writing competition conducted by our education department.
I have put my best there. Let us see how I fare. Writing has brought about subtle changes into my life or should I say my perception? I have become more observant and I try to think out of box. I let my mind wander and take root wherever it wishes to. That helps in my creativity.

As they say, I am thriving in it! That is better than any dream! How/what about you?


Anonymous said...

Gautami, I admire the way you continue to write and post, even during the times you've written about when your creativity was feeling blocked.

You always stay the course! Good for you!

cyclopseven said...

You write good. Keep it up.

sage said...

You are a great poet, Gautami, and I've enjoyed your prose and wish you'd write/post more of it.

Stan Ski said...

I write from my experiences, and they will never go away - so I find it fairly easy to stick with it.
I hope the encouragement you receive allows you to do the same.
You've sent a very positive message here.
Just on the subject of teachers - a maths teacher once said to me, in front of the whole class '...and you're a half-wit...that's twice as bad!'

Arv said...

Hi Gautami,

Nice to read about dreams... heard a bit about it from GP too...

I'm moving my way slowly towards the publishing goal... I got a draft in the moving and have set time lines for it too, but for us all, it is hard to find a matching time and the flow to write a book. I'm taking it a chapter or 2 at times.

of course, as you say, blogs come in really helpful. we meet fellow minded people, make good friends and our thoughts and desires are kept very much alive.

Hope and wish that all our work and efforts make our dreams come true very soon.

take care and have a nice weekend. Cheers...

Romeo Morningwood said...

I admire how prolific you are, you seem very focussed to me.

Writing out here is weird and unpredictable. The things that I specifically write for others fall flat on deaf ears and my goofy throwaways seem to connect?

I know that there is a lesson in there for me but I can't seem to adhere to the rules. All I ever wanted to do out here was to spark some interest and discussion on serious subjects by defusing the usual landmines that accompany them.

I appreciate how well YOU come through your words. I have a very concrete image of the interior of your's surreal and bursting with light.

Princess said...

I have a thirst for writing more and more and it is sometimes satisfying and some other times it is demanding for more food.

Any ways I enjoy writing for myself

Anonymous said...

Superb post. From the beginning, your writing talent has captured my interest. I admire that you have taken on the challenge of thinking out of the (mathematical) box. I've watched your writing evolve, enjoyed the different kinds of writing you've attempted. You write very well. I have no doubt your prose will be engaging and look forward to reading it.

Devika Jyothi said...

i was not very serious about my writing..except for the interaction with commentators ...

it was great fun for me!
now almost done with that..and reading you, I too feel..

i should be serious with my writing dreams :-)
but, interation is one i cannot stop..i get so much from there both in real and virtual world..

thank you for the post!

btw, you write all too well, i should say.


Roan said...

By writing every day, I'm living my dream. To be published, is merely the icing on the cake. I try to write every morning. I pour a cup of coffee and begin. That's the time when my mind is fresh and better able to feed my fingers.

Your poetry rocks!

murat11 said...

Gautami, I'm with you on much of this. It's funny how many of us in this blogosphere no longer seem to care that much about "publishing." No surprise, because we are publishing all the time. It also means that what we care about, at heart, are the writing itself and the sharing.

I keep running into math teachers who want to be writing and English teachers, while I have lately been developing a crush on the teaching of math.

Best wishes to you.

anno said...

Shifts can be hard to make -- and, I'm with you: the blogging community provides amazing support, especially for writers. Congratulations on navigating your own course!

linda may said...

I am like you in my blog writing in that I write from my own experiences. I don't aspire to be published as my writing is for my own entertainment, a retreat from the boring rubbish we are served up on the other main entertainment source we all have, the T.V. If I can share and get to know a bit about other people along the way, via sites like this and my computer, then I love that too.
You are one of the names I see in here every week and I am pleased to read about you.Good work. :)

Anonymous said...

I suspect fulfilling any dream, maybe especially when it comes to writing, is a long hard struggle! Keep writing and good luck with the competition!

Anonymous said...

Good day, Gautami,

I was especially interested in your comment that writing has made you more observant of the world around you. I've experienced the same thing.

It seems to me that our blogging not only helps us form bonds with each other, but also with the world in which we live. That's good - the world needs friends, too!

polona said...

gautami, you do well whatever you undertake. i enjoy reading your prose pieces as well as poetry because you never leave the reader cold.

i'm feeling constrained in my creativity at present and am struggling with my inspiraton but hope that, too, will pass...

Linda Jacobs said...

What I like about your writing is your voice. It's obvious that you love language and always entertain.

Jeanie said...

I am not a champion of my writing, either. I never thought of it that way. I wish you well on your transition from poetry to prose. They're both tough at times, aren't they?