Monday, February 12, 2007

Reflecting my current mood!

Rock You Like A Hurricane
By Scorpions


dsnake1 said...

Head banging. :)

you should try their ballads. :)

Anonymous said...

scorpions rock

of theirs -- and my youngest
daughter (16) is a big fan, too


gautami tripathy said...

dsnake1: I needed head banging!

/t: I love scorpions! I got all their music too.

polona said...

like it! :)

Anonymous said...

#1 still loving you
love at first sting, 1984
#2 wind of change
crazy world, 1990
#3 acoustica
the whole concert, 2001



Kai C. said...

now u got me head banging

whitesnake said...

Would you love me if?

I loved Deep Purple?
I loved Whitesnake?
I loved Rainbow?
I loved you?

whitesnake said...

You ever get the chance go see VAYU.

trinitystar said...

:o) :o) and you look so demure ;o)

A crazy moment!

Heavy rock quite appeals to me too.
I appreciate all genre of music.
hugs for you

gautami tripathy said...

polona: :) I am lovin' it!

/t: Well, well, thanks!

whitesnake: What do YOU think?

trinitystar: Don't go by my looks! I am rock music fanatic. Hugs!

gautami tripathy said...

I have already watched VAYU, whitesnake.

Ghost Particle said...

now i know where that music came from! i was searching all over! its on autoplay!

gautami tripathy said...

Oh ghost! You are not the only one!

puerileuwaite said...

I had no idea. Not only am I a huge fan (I tend to like their harder stuff ... In Trance, Lovedrive, and EARLY tunes that are difficult to find ... plus Animal Magnetism is a favorite) of the "Scorps", but I also saw them in concert years back. They kicked butt!

Gautami, /t., I AM impressed!