Sunday, March 08, 2009

Personal stuff

Lately I have not kept in touch with my blogger friends. There are various reasons for that. Feb and March are very busy for us teachers when academic session comes to an end. We are busy conducting those, along with evaluation work and also tabulation of results. All this takes a toll on us.

There is also the fact that I am kind of taking stock of my life and find I have been laid back too long. I need to change all that. I have short listed various options and would be getting around those in the next few months. I don't mean slow changes but drastic ones.

One thing that I won't be changing is my writing. I need to write poetry just as I need to breathe.
I also need to be connected to all of you. Without your love and support, I wouldn't have progressed this far in my writing. I will come visit you, as and when time allows.


sage said...

Go easy on yourself as you make these drastic changes... And God easy on your students during this time of testing (as a former student, I had to put in a plug for them!)

Jeeves said...

All the very best with your new options.

venus66 said...

All the best to you. Take care.

Magyar said...

I've always considered writing, or in my case scribbling, to be my "daily therapy," a way of sorting out my life's stew; I'm glad that you'll continue to write. _m

Janice Thomson said...

Yes, definitely glad you'll continue writing - I enjoy your work Guatami.