Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ode to Tiredness-----With due apologies to Keats---Poetry Thursday

bones feel dead
each single muscles is going limp
eyes are drooping,
ears stop hearing.

body refuses to rest
cracked voice cannot let out a thing-
brain cells go numb,
thoughts fly away.

sleep is absent
inactive yet awareness persist
supine, stupefied feet
lay limp with fatigue.

in that restful state
where mind sleeps body moves-
where body sleeps mind dances-
I stand in attention

saluting, paying tribute
to our dear friend,
otherwise known as tiredness.


For more poetry, click, The Travelling Poetry Show, hosted by Left-handed trees.

Do read the previous post, for you, my friend and pray for her.


**Update: I have received two blog awards from two different sources:

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I thank you both.

I don't know if I am supposed to pass those on. I might do so in a while.


joezul said...

You nail it. This is how I feel every day coming home from work. Great flow of words. :)

Now, that mentions of Keats in the title really make me curious. Hmm, guess I need to find that poem... Thanks :)

Writer on Board said...

Hello you shameless lion. I give you a Blogger Reflection Award because you inspire me. Post it on your blog or keep it safe in your heart where no one can touch it. Don't get too tired. We need you. It's cold out here.

floots said...

a great description of this familiar visitor :)
thank you

Borut said...

You described it so well, this friend of mine!:)

Brian said...

Tiredness of spirit. Need to recharge.

lissa said...

You show the emotion very well.

LJCohen said...

LOL--no fatigue here--kiddos started back to school today. Yippie! I'm free. . . freeeeee. . .

dsnake1 said...

you described my friend very well. :)

Gilson said...

Awesome poem! It's great to be tired when I'm in bed, terrible when I'm anywhere else.

Mike Davis said...

A feeling I can well relate to this morning, after a night dominated by restless dogs!

Very nicely conveyed!

Pat Paulk said...

I prefer to pay tribute with my snores, not always the case. You nailed it perfectly!!

Tammy said...

You did a wonderful job of expressing how the mind does not always sleep.

I will keep your friend in my prayers. I'm very sorry. HUGS

Rambler said...

what a unique and awesome subject.
as long as my mind does not tire, I shall be happy :)

January said...

Unfortunately, this tired feeling is my life!

And I hope your friend recovers soon.

split ends said...

Mmmm... I think I need a nap now! Great words.

paisley said...

sleep is life's own vacation.... i support it wildly...
in answer to your question on my post... my aggressive use of punctuation is very simply,,, the way,,that i write.....

Rethabile said...

Gautami, I don't think Keats would mind; no reason why he should. I enjoyed the way form in this poem handles the common scourge.

...deb said...

"supine, stupefied feet/lay limp with fatigue" is such a great line. I especially like "stupefied"! It's the feet that seem to feel it first and longest...on me anyway!

kenju said...

This is EXACTLY how I feel right now. I worked all day (seven hours) on my feet, and I am beyond tired.

Michele sent me.

Regina Clare Jane said...

This was a great, Gautami- you made tiredness sound so poetic!

Jessica said...

You captured the feeling perfectly!

julia said...

Congratulations on your two blogger awards! Post them proudly.

I really love these lines in your poem:
"where mind sleeps body moves-
where body sleeps mind dances-"

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Ooh, I hope my body didn't get ideas from this!

congrats on the awards!

Antoine said...

*Eeih! beautifull,beautiful. A long time since i read poem with such a unique flow of rhyme. i can't stop myself from reading it over and over gain. Thank God u r a blogger!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh gautami, I soooo get 'the tiredness' poem...Beautifully expressed, my dear...And I truly have been feeling pretty exhausted these days...spent fro the awful awful heat we had for almost 8 days straight...So, I "get" it!

And Michele does, too....
I was trying to post over there and had to do the word verificatiob SIX times...I just cannot see that thing most of the time....! Anyway, by the time I got back---you had posted before me---SO, I posted again at Michele's and this time I read and typed the WV the first time and was correct! HOORAY! (lol)

Anyway, so happy to be here!

Left-handed Trees... said...

ah...i know this and you have articulated it exactly.

tumblewords said...

Congratulations on your well-deserved awards!!

You said this perfectly. Even if I didn't know the feeling, I would know it from your words.

pepektheassassin said...

Good job! (Sigh)

(Yawn)...Pardon me.

Ces said...

Gautami, keep it or pass it on if you wish, to five bloggers who inspire you. You certainly not only inspired me with sleep on this poem, I think you were looking at me when you wrote this. Hahahha! I feel tired just like that! :-)

Jak said...

i collapsed upon each new line until there was no line to hold me anymore.

Marie said... wrapped out how I've been feeling for three weeks now! I'm sure others could relate too. It's a very busy time. I can't wait to get back to my blogging self.

Glad to see you're still a inspirational visit my dear. take care, and thanks for visiting me!