Friday, September 21, 2007


with perfect coiffure,
not a single hair
out of place.
Looking in the mirror
dabbed a bit of perfume
touched up her lips,
checked on her studs
smoothened her dress.

satisfied with herself
she was ready to face
the world again.
she was afraid of
aging, ‘even’ gracefully.
a dead giveaway-
her gnarled fingers!


Ingrid said...

That was great, gautami.

Jo said...


Rose Dewy Knickers said...

What we do for vanity. What? That's a phobia now? Well there goes all the fun. :(



Paul said...

I know some ladies (young ones too!) who physically cannot walk out of their homes without being fully made up - I'd say when it gets beyond vanity it certainly becomes a phobia!

The hands are always the giveaway, that's what my mum also tells me. Well observed, and well written.

Steve said...

Bet she bites her nails!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Excellent, Gautami! Beautifully written, we've all known one or two folks with this phobia!

pjd said...

mannequin culture
plastic people everywhere
botox and boob jobs

nice poem, gautami. is she afraid of aging or afraid of what aging implies... your penultimate line is a dead giveaway!

paisley said...

that is soooo funny... i am from palm beach and all the botox beauties have old blotchy gnarled hands and a face of a 40 year old!!!!!!

tumblewords said...

People are amazing - great job with narrowing down this fear and poem-ing it!

SuseADoodle said...

great poem!

polona said...

this is excellent.
funny and sad at the same time...

floots said...

as one untouched by the ravages of time
i cannot really comment :)
(i wish)
liked this one

kenju said...

Very good one, Gautami. While I am not afraid of growing older, I am well aware that hands are the true indicator!

Michele sent me.

MissMeliss said...

The word "gnarled" really made this visual for me.

It's perfect, a distilled moment. For me, I see my grandmother's hands, and smell her perfume, when I read it.

Michele sent me for this visit.

adi said...

ha ha

Jodi Cleghorn said...

The hands and neck are always a dead give away - gnarled fingers and goose neck flaps!! How attractive.

I'm in envy of so much being conveyed in so few words!

Ther said...

hmmm. i think i better take good care of my hands then. =)

another good one gautami. keep 'em coming.