Friday, September 28, 2007

sleeping beauty----[Fiction]Friday

[Fiction] Friday Challenge for September, 28 2007:
Give a virtuous character a sordid past.

melting luscious lips,
soft as rose petals
moist, glowing
sensually inviting

though asleep, she
made him fall in love.
he swayed, ready to
wake her up with a kiss.

with breath held up
she waited for his lips
to merge with hers,
so as to she could

simulate to be woken up.
a prince who loved
her to eternity and back
for what she was.

she wanted to leave
her past far behind-
she was so fed up
witch had cursed her

a new lover each night
since she was sixteen.
for a while, she enjoyed
pleasures of the flesh.

while those thoughts
chased in her mind-
the prince bent down
kissing her softly.

voltage jolted through,
it ceased being a pretence.


Jo said...

I think this is one of my favourite pieces of yours. Really well done.

danae sinclair said...

beauty sleeps around?? damn! :)

paisley said...

i love this and danaes comment... perfect!!!!!

Rose Dewy Knickers said...

Where do I sign up? ;) Love the twist on the 'sleeping' curse.



Borut said...

I love beauty, even if asleep, as in a fairy tale.

Ingrid said...

Poor beauty. Even a fairy tale princess has trouble finding a prince worthy of her.

Kai C. said...

thats beautiful!
i am doing well

Kai C. said...

how are u?

Left-handed Trees... said...

So I might have to try this!!!

floots said...

love this one
great fun as well as having a more serious side
(where did you say she lives) :)

desert rat said...

I think your (most enjoyable) take on the legend is probably more akin to the original version of this story, which was distinctly more risque than the version most of us digested as children. (The prince didn't just kiss Sleeping Beauty, if I recall).

rashbre said...

I like the edginess of this version - a fairy tale heroine with a past. Very good!


lissa said...

A new twist to a old fairy tale. Then again we really don't know what happen between the time she was asleep and when the prince came for her.

Paul said...

Why couldn't fairy tales be this interesting when I was growing up?


pjd said...

While I agree with the other comments, my favorite part of this is the fact that it expresses the change from a youthful infatuation with excitement to a more mature longing for stability and something more substantial. I am intrigued how this works so well with making that transition equivalent to breaking a curse... youthful infatuation is the curse. Interesting. Interesting.

tumblewords said...

So there WAS more involved in that tale than I heard? Nice job!

Anonymous said...

lovely words...full of passion & intensity...beautiful poem!

polona said...

great stuff, gautami. an untold part of the fairy tale...

Josie Two Shoes said...

Wonderful! A very creative twist on a familiar story. I loved it!

Antoine said...

Superb, i love the way it unfolds from the past to present. the erotica is soo intense. Another beautiful piece from Gautami.

cj said...

That's amazing!


sage said...

Nicely done, those first lines drew me in, then the sordid past comes out with a different lover since she was 16--made me feel sad for her and for the curse she's under--but then there's hope in the prince...

dsnake1 said...

lovely dark twist to a familiar story. :)