Friday, September 14, 2007

crossed and dotted---[Fiction] Friday

This Week’s [Fiction] Friday Challenge is to write a story, poem, or essay from the point of view of an inanimate object. I had started with a series called classroom compendium, which I had abandoned for no rhyme or reason. This is a great prompt to revive it. Continuing with my stationery series...


screwed or welded
nailed and chiselled
evened rough edges.
body marked, scarred
penned, dotted with
love or wrath.

each new day filled
with a tale to tell.
whispered secrets
held in my grained heart,
witness to laughter,
scolding and praise

I am taken to task
for all misfortune-
resigned to the
kicks of rage.
strong, sturdy
frame stands aloft.

my solidity yet
offering comfort
at times of need.
kids do fidget
but enough of me-
they cannot get.

much involved
how do I take
them to task-
I love those mites
despite being only
a classroom desk!


Jo said...

Very amusing and nicely done.

Tammi said...

So wonderfully written! I love the lines:

I am taken to task
for all misfortune-
resigned to the
kicks of rage.

I used to kick my desk at school. Fidgety...

lissa said...

At first I thought it was something else until I read the end.

Enjoyable read.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I love that stanza that Tammi pointed out. And the twist at the end -- another great one!

floots said...

i used to love walking round the exam hall looking sternly at the candidates (while really i was reading and smiling at the graffiti on the desks) :)
nice one
thank you

Anonymous said...


one of your tallest!


Rose Dewy Knickers said...

Very good view of the classroom. I liked the ending, it was a surprise.



Paul said...

Ah, every desk I ever sat at in school - I went from kicking it to being one of those responsible for scarring it - a compass needle works wonders...

Takes me back, great work!

paisley said...

i've inked or etched a desk here or there myself,,, yes indeed,, they get the brunt of it....

tumblewords said...

Too scared to scar a desk, I'm glad now that I didn't succumb to bravery and leave mars. Nice take on the prompt!

Olsum's Diary said...

Oh..such beautiful post! The desk is one inanimate thing that all of us experienced.
This post brings back memories of one of my school day. I took a nap on the desk and got a slap as I looked up to see whose that...oops it's the female teacher. My head almost snap as I hit the wall from her slap.
How I wish to have a desk that have an automatic front wooden panel that snap up to hide me when I took a nap:)

tanya (aka netchick) said...

You had me thinking it was something else! :) Thanks for the poetry, you are obviously talented.

Happy Friday, here from Michele's!

colleen said...

Yes, I can see the desk, almost slam it shut, stick my gum under it, and drum my pencil on it! What a fun poem! Michele told me to come.

Ther said...

this brings me back memories of my small desk in class. how we love to abuse it then. and how i used to spend my time with my head on my desk, napping the afternoon away.

Fledgling Poet said...

I loved this...desks could tell such stories! They've had so many lives leave their marks and memories on them.