Thursday, April 19, 2007

Edited Memories-----Terza Rima-----Poetry Thursday

Poetry Thursday asked us to do guerrilla poetry this week. That is, to choose a poem (or two or ten) of our own and print or write it out, find places to leave our poetry for others. For unsuspecting people to read our poetry. Then take pictures, write about their reactions etc etc. I am only partially following it as I found no takers for my poetry other than my poor brothers and they did not know what hit them! I write here the gist of their thoughts which they never expressed but I could read in their minds. I depict my thoughts too at the end of my terza rima.

Edited Memories-----Terza Rima

Writing poetry comes easy for me,
making it read is no feat, most assume
I am wasting my time and should be

pursuing hobbies that consume
less of my time, setting me gratis
of my poetic stuff which they presume

has bloated my head. I need aegis
to save me from further calamity
of hiding under words. My dermis

thickened, trying to avoid adversity
I continue with writing of prosody,
uncaring what others take as insanity

on my part. Anthology of moments nobody
can take away from my edited memories.
The unedited ones in the mind embody

those thoughts filled with ambiguities;
not to be made visible to anyone else
which otherwise are taken as absurdities-

perpetuated by life forces of impulse
so unimaginably true; taken to be false.

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Beaman said...

"... I found no takers for my poetry other than my poor brothers and they did not know what hit them."

Oh gosh Gautami, that made me laugh. Sounds like my father's reaction.

I like the messages and truths in your poem. The complexities of thoughts and wisps of emotions are often too difficult to put in words at all. For another to understand them from reading a poem, is even harder.

Your 'Terza Rima' style is quite wonderful. It's pretty hard to carry off but you seem to have done it. I'm guessing you've read the work of the English poet, Geoffrey Chaucer.

strauss said...

Yes I too coudl relate to your "no takers" comment. I have shown my poems to trusted friends and the majority either say nothing, pretending they didn't receive that email, or have simply replied untactfully - "I don't get it".

Left-handed Trees... said...

At least you tried...I didn't even get that far this week! Your poem is powerful...and has a sentiment many of us can relate to, no doubt about it.

Pauline said...

Bravo to you that you continue to write such wonderful words despite your brothers' reactions!

Unknown said...

"so unimaginably true; taken to be false" ! That line touched me deeply ! Seems to be so many people explained in one sentence!

gautami tripathy said...

beaman: There are no takers for poetry. I have tried selling those to my friends, read a few too but mot desist from saying anything. At least my brothers listened and tried getting words out!

Only another poet understands a poet well. Those words, metaphors, imagery etc etc.

I love writing terza rimas. I have written a lot. I like the almost dance like rhymes. This form kind of regulates my thoughts to and disciplines me.

BTW, I hold a PG degree in English too. I have read many poets. Still doing so.

strauss: I know what you mean. Sometimes it does hurt but I am getting used to it.

left-handed trees: Thanks. Yes, I did try. I keep on trying. Only person who seems to like my poetry is my mom!

pauline: Yes, I do that. Becos I have this compulsion to write it down. Hope I get to publish some of my works too.

kavi: Aren't we all like that?

Anonymous said...

Poetry is never insane. Perhaps poets are, but the art and craft of poetry is lost on many. Their loss. :)

Norma said...

"Anthology of moments nobody
can take away from my edited memories."

This line really touched me.

Regina said...

But there is always someone out there who will appreciate your words, our words... we look for them. I think sometimes people don't want to get in touch with the feelings that poetry evokes in them... but that's how powerful poetry can be...
Nicely done, Gautami...

trinitystar said...

truth is in the writing.
lovely poem.

Deb said...

"perpetuated by life forces of impulse"...what a wonderful line. And I love the image of reading your brothers' minds. I applaud your bravery, Gautami. (I am still chewing on how and what to do with this great prompt.)

sage said...

I didn't play today--been too busy to even think of it. I like the part about nobody can take away edited memories, unedited thoughts...

grumplestiltskin said...

an "anthology of moments" is one of the most apposite definitions of poetry i've ever read
well done

iamnasra said...

You had put smaile on my face with your poem

gautami tripathy said...

brian: I agree. That has never stopped me from writing it.

norma: Thanks. I liked your poem too.

regina: your poem made me laugh so much! Thanks!

trinitystar: True. I love to write. Thats it.

deb: go ahead. You can do it. Thanks!

sage: you can do it in the weekends. Thanks...

floots: Isn't it just? Thanks!

nasra: thanks. Smile away, girl!

ozymandiaz said...

So what was the poem that you left for them to read?
Sharing my peotry has been, for the most part, excruciating. Most people I know have little to no interest in my poetry (or poetry in general for that matter) except for the occasional dirty limirick. The only place I have found where people will even put out the effort is on line (blogging). I am wary of public readings they are often encumbered with condesention.
I have, though, toyed with guerrilla poetry. Most effective, I have found, when words are volitile and sentences short. Fast evocotive reads catch peoples attention, eliciting emotional response.

polona said...

there's little understanding for poetry in my environment, too so i can relate to that part.
and i enjoyed your poem just as i do most of your work.