Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My name is-----G-A-U-T-A-M-I

Why am I writing this post? Because I felt the need to tell the world that I do not like being called GST, GT, G, Tami, Ami etc some persist in addressing me.

Many even misspell it. Guatami instead of Gautami. Is it really hard to spell? I would like your comments on that and not opinions about why should I be called anything else.

I am kind of sick of correcting people.

I was named Gautami and that's what I prefer being called. If that is too difficult than I ask to be addressed as Ms Tripathy....!! My name, I choose how to be called. Not what others want to call me.

After thought: Do have you say folks but please desist from insulting me. Wanting to be addressed by my chosen name is not tyrannical.


Anonymous said...

Afternoon Gautami. Hope your day is going well and that the poetry muse will come by soon. :)

grumplestiltskin said...

i was going to call you all sorts of nice things but now i'm afraid that i might misspell them :)
i agree with you - a name is a very personal thing
(hope i've never been guilty in this case)

dsnake1 said...

Hi Gautami,
I am one of those guilty of misspelling your name, on a blog link, no less. please accept my apologies.

a name is a personal thing and you have a right to express your opinion on it.

gautami tripathy said...

brian: thanks. I have been struggling with words for three days now and only could write two lines. I don't like those much either.

floots: you won't do that. You are a great speller!! No, you have not been!

dsnake1: I have nothing personal against any one. It is just that I do not like being called any thing other than Gautami.

BTW, you did correct it...:D

Pat Paulk said...

My first name is Thomas. When I was in school I was always called Thomas the first couple of days in class. I corrected the teachers immediately. I agree.

gautami tripathy said...

Pat: Our names are rather very personal. And I truly love my name. Why shouldn't I? It was given to me so lovingly by my dad.

Thanks! I will never call you thomas!

Romeo Morningwood said...

I must confess that I love the nickname Tami however GST (Goods and Services Tax) is much too formal and has a very negative connotation.
Far be it for me to repeat my error and unleash your will notice that I did not address you as Tami, despite an almost irresistable urge, I was merely making an observation.

I, for one, learned my lesson well, Gautami, and would not dare not to rush in where angels fear to tread.
Point taken.

Borut said...

Is there a meaning to your name, Gautami, what does it mean? Mine (Borut), for example, comes from the root 'to fight'!?:)

Steve said...

I would have called you beautiful!

sage said...

I have always called you by your name and apologize if I have ever misspelled it. I would like to know the meaning of your name!

Like Pat, my first name isn't the one I go by, something that I'll held against my parents for a long time. Why didn't they call me by my middle name? -it created problems throughout school

gautami tripathy said...

donn/h.e.: This post has nothing personal against any one. Just my views what I prefer to be called. But a few just do not want to listen. Hence I posted this. My name, my choice.

A few of those who have known me since I was kid, do call me tami.

borut, sage: I was named after the untouchable disciple of Gautama Buddha....Sujata....She was known as Gautami Sujata.

Then there is a very famous river, Gautami in the south of India.

There are a few other meanings too..

Steve: No one gets away calling me beautiful either. Stick to GAUTAMI!

Borut said...

Thank you...!:)

Borut said...

P.s.: I'm too foolish for a sage, Gautami, and brave enought to be foolish!:)

gautami tripathy said...

borut: I didn't call you sage. My reply was for sage too. Read again. One of blogger friends..:D

Whatever you are, you are you!!!

Borut said...

Haha, in this part of the world I'm referred to by some of my friends as 'the village sage', it seems to be getting into my head!?:)Maybe I'm secretly after the 'global village sage' title!?:)

gautami tripathy said...

Do you want a ceremonial stuff done for that esteemed crown, borut?

Let me know, I will send invites to our mutual blogger friends!

Beaman said...

I sympathize with your request very much so. My first name is 'Edward' and you can guess the different forms that takes on. 'Eddie', 'Ed', 'Ted', 'Teddy', 'Eddie the Eagle'...etc
I use 'Beaman' (part of my surname) for my internet persona partly to escape the ugly shortenings.