Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ode to the Bard---Sonnet---Poetry Thursday

prompt is to (1) Write a poem to, for, or about a poet and/or (2) Write a letter to a poet as given here. I take on part (1). That works well as a letter too, I think.

Ode to the Bard

writing this for you, oh great master
one of the best, your work adulated.
you wrote plays, mostly convoluted;
reading those, your words give pleasure;

the depth of which has no measure-
your work- even now, does not seem dated.
all lines and stanzas are there fated
by your popular appeal, poetic grandeur.

excelling in both comedy as well as tragedy;
you take us to a world full of imagery.
most quoted writer of literature & history;

your repertoires of sonnets are remedy
for beauty, love, mortality. discovery
of all these leading us to joyful allusory!


Here I write a
Petrarchan Sonnet in which the rhyming pattern is a-b-b-a, a-b-b-a, c-d-e-c-d-e. Sonnets by Shakespeare follow the rhyming pattern a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g . Those are English Sonnets . As I am the one writing it, I can chose the style..!! And please do not ask me about iambic pentameter.

For various types of sonnets click,

Finally, I dedicate this to a very dear friend, Stanley Shiel who made me go back to Shakespeare and Sonnets.

To read more on the prompt or optional poetry , please click here.


Steve said...

Catch the rainbow!

Inhibition - something that restrains or supresses.
Amenable - agreeable willing to act.

Innumerable - countless numerous

Beaman said...

I must say first of all that sonnets are my favourite type of poetry. At the moment anyway. Your piece is well written and would indeed be a joy to read by the respected poet.

Drizel said...

wwwhooohoooo...this was fun:)
great great job:)

grumplestiltskin said...

i am not a great fan of the plays
but with you on the sonnets
well done

Anonymous said...

I love your sonnets. You write them so effortlessly. Excellent tribute to the Bard.

Pat Paulk said...

An excellent Ode to old William!!

Romeo Morningwood said...

Sir William is said to have invented over 1500 words. Can you imagine a more powerful device for writers to have at their disposal?

I read somewhere that his working vocabulary may have consisted of 30,000 words which is roughly twice the 10,000-15,000 lexicon that average English speaking people cart around in their noggin.

gautami tripathy said...

steve: You are the rainbow catcher.
Do keep up with the words!

beaman: I know what you mean. I love sonnets. Hence write a lot too. Thanks for saying the bard would love it.

etain, pat: Thanks. The bard wrote sonnets. I thought why not write ode to him in that form. Hence this..

floots: I love his sonnets better than any thing else.

brian: Somehow I seem to be comfortable writing sonnets and terza rimas. In sonnets, that too, the Petrarchan one.

Thanks, I will go chk you on Rumi.

donn/h.e.: Right your are. His repertoire of words was excellent.

sage said...

Wonderful job, I'm impressed with all the styles of sonnets. I'm not a polished poet like you, but I decided to try do the "Poetry Thursday" exercise this week.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

William would be pleased!

Regina said...

I am sure Will would be pleased! I think it's time to get out my book of sonnets!

gautami tripathy said...

sage: I am very glad that you have posted for PT.

pepek: Hope so!

regina: Sonnets require discipline and when I need that, I write sonnets. It gives me the power to concentrate.

You do that. More variety too..

Norma said...

Makes me think of my high school English teacher and how her eyes would shine and tear up when teaching us this. Thank you for stopping by.

Buffalo said...

That agile mind of yours doesn't stop for a moment, does it?

polona said...

extremely well done, gautami.
and i hope i have never been guilty of misspelling your name :)

Unknown said...

How can you go wrong with Shakespeare?

iamnasra said...

Sweet words to a poet, I should take this challange to

Pauline said...

How brave you are to try the petrarchan sonnet! I especially like the last stanza.

Michelle said...


Quite a project that fancy sonnet. And a very suitable subject with Shakespere as well. Well done.

gautami tripathy said...

Norma; Somewhere down the lane, I had stopped reading the Bard. His plays do not interest me that much, especially the historical ones. Finally I dod go back to read his sonnets. Though I write the Italian Sonnets, it made me love the Bard again.

buffalo: sometimes it does stop. Then it feels like death.

polona: thanks. No you never misspelled my name.

colourful prose: No, you can't go wrong with Shakespeare.

nasra: Do that.

pauline: It is really ironical that I am most comfortable with the most difficult of the sonnet structures.

Michelle: Thanks. And now I find writing sonnets not that difficult.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I like that you used the Petrarchan sonnet.

rel said...

A sonnet for the master of sonnets.
Very appropriate, and well done.
"the depth of which has no measure-
your work- even now, does not seem dated."
I agree, his work is still very much read today!

Fragmentsinsight said...

This is wonderful to read. Very rich and a great compliment for the writer of all writers.
And a compliment to you for writing this masterpiece. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Gautami — I absolutely love Shakespeare's sonnets. Your ode to him and his words, written in sonnet form, is such a joy to read. I love to see how poets fit their words into his format. Well done.

gautami tripathy said...

Crafty green poet: I absolutely love Petrarchan Sonnets. Reading as well as writing.

remiman: I thought the bard needed a sonnet for him too! Hence this!

fragmentinsight: Well thanks!

kg: S9ometimes We do need to write structure poetry. Weneed the rules in order to break those!!