Wednesday, April 11, 2007


inner-most secrets;
rants on just
about anything,
journals of plan
hitherto unseen.
diary full of
deep dark thoughts-
lies, betrayals,
broken trusts,
impaired dreams.

witnessing it all
in somber bemoan
pencil stays mute
its lead busted.


Anonymous said...

Poor pencil, and poor you.

sage said...

i was thinking it's a good thing it's in pencil--with the dark thoughts and lies and betrayals--that way you can erase, then I got to the last line and smiled

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

this is a lot like my tanka that I just posted.

gP said...

dont we all end up like this, someday?

trinitystar said...

Like this ... well written.

witnessing it all
in somber bemoan
pencil stays mute
its lead busted

hugs for you.

Lotus Reads said...

You know Gautami, your poem got me thinking...what if pencils had a way to convey what their previous owners had written...there would be secrets galore to share!

gautami tripathy said...

anne: Why? Neither is poorer! Infact we are richer by the experinces shared.

sage: I had almost left that last line. Left it as it is. Glad I did.

andrew: I will chk out your tanka.

ghost: yes. Someday is the operative word.

trinitystar: Thanks!

lotus: Isn't that scary at times?

Anonymous said...

Because it sounds as if the pencil is sad, and maybe you too. :(

gautami tripathy said...

anne: The crux of the matter is I am trying to write on inanimate objects. I started on statinery series as I am teacher and these are all familiar objects for me. I already wrote on blackboard, stapler, chalks etc etc.

My thoughts do not enter into it. I write what I think that objects feels.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your writing so much. What a strong ending- a metaphor I can relate to.