Monday, July 02, 2007

Tagged---Eight random facts about me

My summer vacations ended today. It seemed like a chore going back to school after two months' break. Not that we got much break. We had in-service trainings and I was doing admissions for class 11. It will take a while to get back into routine. Sigh!

Is it me or everyone feels this way after vacations?


Eight random facts about me

I have been tagged for this by three people Kai, Beaman and Kamsin. I was not very keen on doing this but if you are tagged by three bloggers, you have to do it!!

Rules: Each person posts the rules before their list and then they list eight things about themselves. At the end of the post, that person tags and links to 8 other people; then visits those people’s sites and comments, letting them know that they have been tagged, and to come read the post, so they know what they have to do.

Nothing sensational in there:

1) I do not like wearing high heels. I prefer sneakers any time. I have been known to wear those with saris!

2) I have always had very long hair. When left open my jet black hair comes down to mid-thigh. I keep it plaited.

3) I love all kinds of tea. I can drink it by gallons.

4) I never stopped biting my nails. Now I have moderated it into biting only my thumbnails!

5) I strive to learn new things. That's because I get bored doing the same things over and over again.

6) I never learnt to ride a bicycle. I do regret that.

7) I was a very bad pupil. I could never sit still. In other words, I could not concentrate.

8) I have the ability to switch off completely from the world if I so desire.

There are more but you can't expect those to be revealed or do you...:D?!

Now to tag eight others. Hope you all play along.

cocaine jesus,
homo escapeons,
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Those who don't want to do the tags..... you would better!

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Don Iannone, D. Div., M.Div., MA said...

Loved it, Gautami. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself. Sneakers, eh? Had you pegged for a red pump kind of gal. With a sari of course. Just a little Monday morning humor.

polona said...

nice to know some more about you.
interesting choice

Steve said...

Can't ride a bike???
Makes ya feel better i can't drive a car!

Belizegial said...

Gautami, I can't ride a bike either. I did try very early on but could not get beyond scraped knees and elbows. Something I do regret *LOL*

What are you studying for?


Beaman said...

Sneakers with a sari. What a wonderful image. I saw a picture of a Buddhist monk once with sneakers. :p

I agree with your #3 totally and thanks to India for that.

Nice to know more about you. :)

ozymandiaz said...

I'm not sure I know eight things about myself but I will put forth the effort...

Clare said...

Hi Gautami! Today I discovered that you tagged me! It's the first time I've been tagged -- it seems like lots of fun, so thank you. Now I have to figure out what to write! I really liked reading your answers, and your hair sounds gorgeous. Hey, it's never too late to learn to ride a bike -- just remember to wear a helmet!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Michele sent me.

I don't usually do memes but this is one I did too. But I cheated

Michele said...

Hello Gautami,

I loved your list. Simply loved it. One thing we share is a love of tea, although if you drink gallons than you win. One thing we don't share is that I adore wearing high heels, although I am also fond of flat sandals.

It is obvious that you strive to learn new things, it is the most wonderful thing about you on this list.

Have a glorious day!

WithinWithout said...

I think you should do a post showing us your thigh-length hair...

Interesting list. I know you are a learner, you're a very prodigious writer and ideas person...

I'll try to get the tag thing done in the next few days. I've done these before, so I might be repeating myself...

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

That you enjoy learning shows in your words. I prefer hiking boots now, in the Pacific Northwest, but in FL, thongs or barefoot were my first choice. It is an interesting visual - a sari and tennis shoes - and your hair, it must be gorgeous.

Ces Adorio said...

I think this is the first post I have read in your blog that directly tells me something about you. You are even more fascinating. A lot of umph! with sneakers and sari - you go girl!