Saturday, July 07, 2007

Taciturnity-----Sunday Scribblings

I suppose this week, Sunday Scribblings slipped over! No wonder they want us to write on Slippery!

I have had my share of slipping and slippery people. I wouldn't like to dwell on that right now. Here I offer a poem which formed in my mind out of the blue moon! It might seem incomplete to a few. Nevertheless, as for as I am concerned, it is complete. Again posting it straight out of the mill- raw, rough and unedited!


how did i slip, not acknowledging
the obvious- how did it happen
with me? blinded by sheer feelings
i plunged with my eyes wide open.

there cannot be any justification
for my actions. i was sucked into
the vortex, without rationalization
knowing about blind alley thereto.

however, the mind refused to see
spirit being relatively insensitive.
hollowness persisted within me,
permeating, hence accumulative.

convictions burned, dehydrated
all the pores- resulting in vacuity-
numbing moratorium culminated
into withdrawn state of taciturnity.

For how long could I stay slipped?

For more slips...

An aside: I have posted the review of Defy the Eagle by Lynn Bartlett. It is a historical romance. It made a good read. All of you, especially my women friends, can chk that out on my Reading Room!

Update: I am so happy that the Taj Mahal too has been elected to represent global heritage throughout history.


MissGuided said...

At times we all choose to ignore the obvious. Why, because there are times when what is happening makes us feel good.
That in itself can be a dangerous thing and in the end we eventually have to open our eyes and be realistic.
Take care and keep up your wonderful work. I enjoy reading what you write.

rashbre said...

Some good words and i suspect we have all been there (!)

I don't think I've visited here before; I hope you don't mind as I might take a little look around.

Here today via Michele's - Hello!


Don Iannone, D. Div., M.Div., MA said...

Indeed, we've all been there. It's a bicycle--life, we just keeping pedaling. Hope you are well, Gautami

Ces Adorio said...

Gautami, visiting your blog is a lesson in etymology. You have an amazing vocabulary and you transform these words to an interesting poem.

Thanks for the mention of the rain or the lack thereof. I did a review of India's geography and the best part of all, I struck up a conversation with my fellow analyst who lived in Madras, so it was even more fun because we talked about cultural practices. I also learned that indeed I have been pronouncing your name correctly. :-)

craziequeen said...

Michele sent me to see you today, Gautami. What a wonderful poem, I am impressed by your use of words.

I nipped over to your reading room too. It sounds like an excellent book, although the Roman era is a little out of my period of interest.


carmilevy said...

I, too, choose to look beyond the slippery people among us. I like your attitude: it's infectious.

You remind me why I started writing poetry when I was a child. I really need to get back to it.

gautami tripathy said...

missguided: welcome again! We all learn from life's pitfalls. Blindness of the mind occurs but it subsides too with a strong will.

rashbre: yes, we have all been there..:D Thanks for the visit.

don ionnone: Thanks. Hey, there is nothing wrong with me..:D

ces: that was some observation. I had liked your post. Hence my comment.

cq: Thanks! For a writer, words are necessary.

carmi: welcome back. Thanks. Indeed we are sucked into a vortex sometimes with point of no return. I was kind of reflecting on that.

BreadBox said...

Hello! MIchele sent me!
I almost posted on the baking words comment list --- being a bit of an amateur baker myself --- but I'm also a little taciturn: or perhaps a little tacit-teapot?


Dewey said...

I love your poem. And as rashbre says, I'm sure we've all felt this way at one time or another.

Shannon akaMonty said...

Raw and unedited is often the very, very best kind, because it hasn't been stripped of emotion.

I loved it. :)

Hiya, Michele sent me!

polona said...

been there, done that.
another excellent piece, gautami.

rel said...

A novel way to describe a faux pas. Usually we slip and before we can right ourselves the damage is done. It does make one want to escape into quietude though, I agree.
A nice take on the prompt...a slip of the tongue. ;-)

Borut said...

Being withdrawn and taciturn - not so bad afterall.Makes you see things as they are...?

sage said...

If I get time I might have to write about sliping down a cliff... I got scars on my legs to prove it. Nice poem

Catherine said...

So easy to slip in like that. Michele sent me today, and I caught up on your Poetry Thursday post and enjoyed that too - I admire how you practice with all sorts of different structures.

Clare said...

Hi Gautami! The imagery and feeling of a vortex, blind alley, hollowness, vacuity, burning and numbness are all wonderfully powerful and visceral in this. I read it out loud and could really feel it. Awesome, Gautami.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

seems familiar to me :)

Rob Kistner said...

"i was sucked into
the vortex, without rationalization..."

We've all let our guard down in life. It usually provides the most meaningful lessons.

grumplestiltskin said...

better to have slipped and learned
than never to have slipped at all
(as alfred lawn tennison - sorry it's wimbledon - almost said) :)

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Oh dear...what did you do...?

mks said...

1st that sounds wonderful about the Taj Mahal. Your country is a beautiful one that I would love to visit some day.

As for taciturnity and slipping? Sometimes I think that instead of looking at our slips in life one by one of whe string them all together they are combined with other events that thing we call life. As long as we learn from slippery slip ups - well then we can't say they are all bad...can we?

Kel said...

"i was sucked into
the vortex, without rationalization"

Whether regretful or not, life would not be life without at least once being sucked into the vortex.

Thank you for coming to visit my blog. I agree, keep reading and that slippery muse reappears. Creativity needs care and feeding!

Annie said...

"blinded by sheer feelings
i plunged with my eyes wide open."

Yes, yes. Perfect description. Blinded with eyes wide open. It is such a human experience.

lissa 07 said...

What a wonderful poem, says so much, Is there a story behind this?

Writer Bug said...

Your post is definitely something I can relate to!

Humor Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Tammy Brierly said...

Wonderful poem and a creative take on the theme. Sometimes it just builds up and before you know it words come slipping out. :) Been there and done that. lol

Anonymous said...

Nice! I guess if we did not slip we would not have the comparison of standing tall.

Sandra.if said...

I love the Taj Mahal and what it means......!

lisrobbe said...

Great poem. My choice to ignore the obvious doesn't always turn out so well becasue I seem to be sucked in for too long of a period by the "slippery people".

tricia stirling said...

i love the language. it starts to feel rhythmic and a little wild and i have the sense that I, the reader, am slipping along with you.

S. Kearney said...

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Liza on Maui said...

your unedited poem is great as it is!

Jen B said...

It's so relateable...Is that a word? LOL I can relate to it. You were right, our posts are similar in feeling.

Anonymous said...

We all slip on occasion...well said.

There are some very mysterious and subtle parts of this poem which are lingering with me.

BTW, I've linked to your blog as well. :)

tania said...

nice post - i think the rawness of the poem catches the speed at which we slip, how we're unprepared for it.

Keshi said...

Im forever slipped..that way I dun recognise the difference :)


Forgetfulone said...

Enjoyed your poem completely!

Cherie said...

Sucked into the vortex by a slippery character - sounds familir!

Pat Paulk said...

It does seem we tacitly go through life accepting whatever vacuums come our way.

deedee said...

I have slipped like this.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I too, have been there...done that. Well said, gautami, and I like that this is unedited, etc....It feels fresh out of the oven!

Please feel free to link me if you wish...and Thank You!

trinitystar said...

it is the danger of becoming attached to the temporary ... slipping into the vortex ... which in true essence is an illusion.
Something to look upon as a lesson.
Love the words you have used.