Sunday, October 11, 2009

honeyed glow

speaking of eternity
your poured honey
over the flower of our love
I tried to imbibe the sweetness
chasing away the butterflies
life was never so sweeter
I basked in it

letting the glow flow over me
scented love is but a feeling
which washes over one's self
submerging all
permeating into the skin
chasing away the blues
I let it be, I let it be

"now I watch the red ants eroding it
with almost pleasurable pain"


Romeo Morningwood said...

At first I was aroused by the better to have tasted love vibe and then I was furious about the red, sado-masochistic, Ants ruining my picnic.

Lost love is always sweeter because we tend to whitewash over all the disapointments of being infatuated with another flawed human being.

Still, we keep doing it to mask over the hodge-podgery of Life's shortcomings.

poefusion said...

great write gautami~ have a wonderful day.

lance said...

Poem created through bees, honey and ants. That is amazing skills.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

I actually liked the red ants part that distressed Donn. I like the flip in tone that it generates, the deeper realization that maybe the 'the flower of our love' wasn't as sweet as it first appeared.

gel said...

Wow, what a contrast you created here, G. From honey to ants. Those images are as strong and powerful as love itself. Crafted well! ('tis good to be back.) (Please note my new site and I do have a poem up and linked here.)

anthonynorth said...

Your work is getting deeper and deeper. I like it.

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Vita Stunder said...

Truly stunning poem!!
Amazing progress!

Have a great week :)

if said...


Anne said...

Very cool!

aila said...

i like it! i like it! nice flow and hate the ants!!!

illyria taylor said...

could you at least TRY not to be so incredibly AMAZING just once, for the rest of us poor poets??
this was divine.

Lorraine said...

Oh boy! you really get your teeth into words, very amazingly so :)

Geraldine said...

This is excellent Gautami. I savored each word, each line...beautiful and poignant.