Thursday, March 11, 2010

my arms around myself won't let me down

I hug myself

shutting everything out-
the pain is massive
tearing into my guts-
my arms around myself
hold me tight
so as to I don't fall apart.
I squeeze my eyes tight,
tearless I stay

why did I ever think
I could hold on to something
which was never mine in the first place?

that ache will be there a long time
yet I will stand upright
as my arms won't let me down


sarah said...

I hope this isn't autobiographical! :-) I like the idea you've come up with here.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

the last line... and the title... so powerful. Triumphant even amidst the ache. Beautiful.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Oh, Gautami. What a sad poem! I, too am trying to write after a dry spell. Doing the prompts seems to help.

Good work!

Unknown said...

but there is just always
a smile on your face
that’s something no one can replace
usual you let them to..

Cynthia Short said...

In few words you managed to convey the total hopelessness and grief over a broken heart. Powerful.

pamela said...

I can feel your grief here. It is so vivid. Nice.

Rajlakshmi said...

very powerful write... words directly from heart...

Anonymous said...

very powerful and forlorn ...

Paul Oakley said...

Nice capture of the experience of loss and grief. Nicely done, Gautami!

spiritsoflena said...

The last line was full of hope, a nice turn in the poem.

Karen said...

You really do get it, don't you? The whole poem is powerful, but those last lines are really strong.

Tumblewords: said...

Strong sense of reality in this poignant piece. Nicely done.