Thursday, March 25, 2010

stewed poetry

a single word rests in the shade
another follows it,
standing at a distance
after a while both come closer
one by one words come out them
I catch each one
place on a paper
juggling around I get a poem
not something original
yet not a copy
it is something like a magician conjures
out of nowhere it seems to everyone
yet it had been there right under their nose
thus the words have always been there
only a few gave them semblance of order
I don't claim to be one of those
but for a poet
I don't do too bad

you too come, catch a few a words
do make them memorable in poetry of stew
it ought to be relished by all not just a few


sarah said...

you're right - for a poet you don't do too bad at all! :-)

Lorraine said...

I like this Poetry is there everywhere, still you have to be to write, and girl you can write!

dsnake1 said...

you are right, yes. out of nowhere, the words form and rearrange themselves. sometimes you just need to nudge and coax some of the words, or throw out a word or two, and you have some great lines.. :)

Cynthia Short said...

I like the idea you came up with in response to the prompt. Yes, to the poet, our words are our progeny. Great as usual!

Bill said...

Of course, if it were too original, it wouldn't be a poem. As Kant points out, there is such a thing as original nonsense; if no one has done this before, there may be a very good reason. The trick is to get over our dependence on cookbooks. Or, to learn all the rules so we can forget them.

Anonymous said...

fine description of the conjuring of poetry

Rob Kistner said...

All the words are always there, it's capturing them, and getting them to obey -- that is the secret, and you understand the secret well...
Image & Verse

Unknown said...

i try..
words slips thru
like cold water thru fingers
giving feeling of chill for awhile
and i am trying
may be some day i will catch it..

Gillena Cox said...

Your poetry stew was 'delicious'
sharing in this theme one of mine in haiga

much love

Amity said...

You said it a masterpiece comes into life, it's like we have to catch the word as they come into mind, weave them, join them, until they form a wonderful poetry...:)

Nice expressed dear! I can see myself doing that oftentimes...:)

Good morning!

flaubert said...

I love what you did with prompt! Hooray for the poets! Nicely done!

Karen said...

...and we give birth every time we put those words together to form a new life. Very nice take on the prompt

sage said...

the best stew is an effort of and shared by a community... the same can be said for a poem. nice one, Gautami.

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

I like your unique take on the prompt....a creation by words. And it is true, we all are trying to catch them and create something memorable, beautiful, and worthwhile. Nicely done.