Thursday, March 18, 2010

now close, now open

my magenta bed cover
mocks me. my turquoise
night wear clashes with that.
I fumble on the mattress
and let mists of sleep
block me out
nightly shadows
cast furtive glances
on the mirror

when morning sounds wake me up
the sun looks down on me
fern on my window too mocks me
magenta turns to maroon gold
I stare at it unseeingly.
misty tears trickle
fast and furious.
I am stuck with my closed plans
how do I open them now?


spiritsoflena said...

Love the last two lines.

sage said...


robkistner said...

Plans open anew, the always do...
Image & Verse

Anonymous said...

Nice, simple, direct, compact, all good qualities. And it all rides so well into the equally condensed ending lines which really add to the momentum of the poem. Nice job, very nice!

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

Great description and an emotional quality, a frustration, in both stanzas.


flaubert said...

I love the last stanza! Wow!

Unknown said...

open up to the air
let your heart pound
breath all the sounds
feel the wind around
can you hear silence
when all you need is sound
feel the wild wind
let go to the howl
its gonna be peace day ahead

Elizabeth said...

I like how the clashing colors in the first lines set the tone for the rest of the piece.

Chef E said...

I agree with Raven- great emotion and description of frustration. I have written one with the same tone years ago when my children were young, and the weather was grey...

India! I love cooking the foods of your country- I had personal lessons

Karen said...

I love the question at the end, opening up all sorts of speculation.

Tumblewords: said...

I like the trip in this one...

Unknown said...

Hi Gautami,

I really like the lines:

'mists of sleep/block me out'
'magenta turns maroon gold'

Anonymous said...

a lot of different emotions in this...I enjoyed it