Tuesday, November 29, 2011

diasporic flavor

there was so much whispering
in the mist of that vast gathering

a lonely garden chair, under that oak
had so many people flock there

a membrane of fleeting nostalgia
so heavy that I needed a crane

such aura of colors
mixed with diasporic flavor

a lone voice from the past
created noise silently

I stretched a limb or two
you took a dim view

"when ennui sets in,
why don't I get all dewy?"


Brian Miller said...

nice...crazy how those memories can do that...i like how you have it engaging all the sense as that often happens to me...

The Orange Tree said...

a lone voice from the past
created noise silently

love all the lines, well done.

aka_andrea said...

I had to look up diasporic, learned a new word, thank you!

Claudia said...

and they always turn up so unexpected..in the middle of our busy days.. love the imagery here..the lonely garden chair.. also the word diasporic..

JANU said...

Wow...beautifully written...a lone voice from the past created noise silently..tugs the heart.

vivinfrance said...

Lovely poemlets. Especially the final couplet!

Ramesh Sood said...

Nicely expressed...I hope crane helped you... now I know what I need to do under such a weight of some membrane of nostalgia..

irene said...

I need a crane. Wow. Evocative words.

Donald Harbour said...

Nostalgic and clamoring for ennui. Seems almost as if the gathering were not real,a phantasm of reflective dreaming. Well done G.

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

That lone voice from the past caught my attention. It's funny how in the middle of a crowd you can have a sudden space and privacy to yourself in a thought or a memory.

And I like the irony you created in this couplet: "a membrane of fleeting nostalgia/so heavy that I needed a crane".


flaubert said...

Gautami, each poemlet flows into the next effortlessly. Lovely.


Wayne Pitchko said...

llagreat lines here Gautami..thanks for this

cj Schlottman said...

a membrane of fleeting nostalgia
so heavy that I needed a crane

Phrases like this are what make your poetry so exceptional. I love this.


Beachanny said...

Processions of people through time, memory, history..and I suppose eventually ennui does set in. Well done!

Marie said...

I imagine finding a quiet space during a family or non-family gathering and feeling the weight
of the past brush against you.

Also, there is a Zelda quality to this poem.

Anonymous said...

the ending is so well said

Laura Maria said...

"a membrane of fleeting nostalgia so heavy that I needed a crane" I have memories that feel like this. Great, expressive piece!

Anonymous said...

I am new to visit your blog. Found you through the Poetry Pantry and I am certainly happy that I did because I really like your style. This piece reminds me much of my own, having spent most of my time writing about those memories and trying to capture just a hint of their taste once more. You have a new fan, I am following!


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