Thursday, May 17, 2007


your kiss is melting
the chocolate in my mouth-
your tongue sweep for tiny pieces
entangled between my teeth.

my teeth try to bite yours-
my tongue wants to throw the
intruder out which is bent on
stealing the sweetness.

traitor like, those crevices
open up, letting you rob
each single molecule of
those aching flavours.

i am left with tasting it
from yours, tongues
enmeshed fighting for
a bigger share.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Wow! I've never seen one like this. :)

Rob Kistner said...

Very titilating and "tangy" sweet Gautami -- I like very much!!

Keshi said...

I wanna kiss like that! :)


gautami tripathy said...

andrew: Now that is saying something! Thanks..

rob: I like the word "tangy" used here. Thanks..

keshi: You will..:)

Crafty Green Poet said...

Actually this did make me laugh, because it reminded me of a recent kiss.

blondie said...

Like teens french kissing for the first time... Cool.

GreenishLady said...

Em.... Hmmmm.....mmmm.... What a poem to come across first thing in the morning. Quite woke me up! Wonderful.

Beaman said...

Forget humour, if you continue writing like this I will be more than happy. *Wipes brow* :p

Nancy said...

What an amusing idea. I liked it!.

Rose Dewy Knickers said...

My, my. That's some kiss. I think a bigger bag of chocolate will be needed. You know, to practice. :)



ozymandiaz said...

Oh, I found it humorous in a fun sexy way.

Clockworkchris said...

This does remind me of a particular kiss when I was trying to impersonate "the lady and the tramp" kiss with the spaghetti string using a twizler. Very well written and so much imagery. Kisses like that are always memorable. Great poem.

Pat Paulk said...

Room for one more??? I love it!!

Regina Clare Jane said...

A very sensuous poem indeed!

pepektheassassin said...



What a fun poem - I really liked it.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

this sound like something my husband would do....

I don't know which the lover wants more... the kiss or the chocolate.

Very nice!

get zapped said...

Such an interesting take on humor and so passionate and sugary too ;)

homo escapeons said...

In the film Devil's Advocate, Al Pacino, as Lucifer himself, says that Love is
Biochemically no different than eating large quantities of chocolate."

So you may be on to something.

trinitystar said...

sweet sensual kssssssssssssssssssss


gautami tripathy said...

crafty: Hmm. Glad it made you laugh. It should at least solicit a smile..:D

blondie: For chocolates, adults can behave like kids. It is allowed.

greenishlady: Gee, thanks!

beaman: Just wait and watch, buddy!

nancy: Why not try it..:)

rose: I entirely agree with you.

ozymandiaz: That was the idea.

chris: your critique is always welcome.

pat: there is!

regina: Isn'tit just?

pepek: yummy!

lisa: I am glad you like it. Welcome to my blog.

tracie: why not ask your husband..?!

get zapped: Thanks.

h.e./donn: Same kind of chemicals are released. That is a proven fact.

trinitystar: Yes!!!!!!!!!!

polona said...

not exactly funny but delightfully sensual!

Clare said...

I love the images,action,and feeling in this, with teeth and tongue kissing yet fighting over the chocolate. And it's really cool how the chocolate starts out in your mouth, but then it all ends up the other mouth. Very clever and very enjoyable to read!

Clare said...

Thank you for linking my blog to yours!! That is so cool!

paris parfait said...

Fascinating chocolate exchange.

Jessica said...

I loved this -- it's described very well!

sage said...

How can you say that's not humorous? I was laughing with the visualization. Good poem Gautami

January said...

Nice! Now this is a fun poem.

Thanks for adding me to your list of links. I will do the same!

Catherine said...

I don't think I've ever kissed while eating chocolate before - and I agree with some of the others, I found it quite amusing.

floots said...

sounds good to me :)

Margie said...

Loved it!
Nice to be back here!
Missed all your great poems!

Hope all is wonderful in your life!
Busy, busy, busy for me.

gautami tripathy said...

Thanks for your comments. The chocolate tastes good..:D

bookbinds said...

Now this brings to mind some nice memories ;)

Don Iannone said...

I like this one, Gautami. Chocolate kiss, eh?

By the way, I read the quote you added to your photo and profile. We can win the battle when we simply set the battle aside.

Within Without said...


Tantalizingly tasty and sweet!

But why DON'T you write something humorous? You do seem like a very serious soul, but you're very witty!

magiceye said...

did bring a smile

gautami tripathy said...

Thanks bookbinds, don, within without and Magic eye.

Chris, I thought I had fixed my serious mask properly. It has slipped it seems..:D

I do write witty poetry but those do not come when asked!!

Remiman said...

You may not have intended this to be a humorus poem, but for me the dueling tongues twisting in each others mouths for the sweetness of the chocolate struck me as quite amusing. ;-)

chicklegirl said...

I like the title: how the word rolls liltingly off the tongue, and in that way, becomes part of the imagery of the poem itself.

gautami tripathy said...

rel: this was indeed a tongue in cheek poem. I wanted the readers to judge it the way they wanted to. Thanks.

chicklegirl: I like the title too..thanks