Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nowhere Land-----sonnet-----Poetry Thursday

Random Promt Generator provided the boldly italized words after refreshing a few times as per their prompt, meet the randomizer . I wrote a petrachan sonnet using the same. Again a rough draft...:)

Nowhere Land---Sonnet

all plans gone awry, he was lost in nowhere
land. his eyes spanned but could not hold
varied, vastness of unknown space; never told
by anyone; unrecognisable by those out there.

tribulations of his folly, he had himself to bear
nothingness in darkness, made his heart go cold.
ventured he did into serrated land, with so bold
mind, all miseries forgotten in his demeanour.

each miniscule particle of sand in the desert
pierced like needle into sensitive skin; barrage
of it spiralled upwards towards the azure sky.

despite adversity, his optimist thinking- just
saved him from further doom, some strange
force showed him way out, for him to say bye.


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Anonymous said...

A love poem in it's way. Very good use of such varied words. :)



patti said...

I really felt compassion for this man and was glad to see he found a way out in the end. Words well woven and I like the title.

gP said...

the way you make even the tinniest moment eventful is amazing. And I still dont know what a sonnet is. :D

Rax said...

excellent write! the depth of meaning delivered with masterful skill. i love the hopeful twist in the ending. beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me look up petrachan sonnet - now I have a new poetry form to try out!

I liked this line: tribulations of his folly, he had himself to bear
Because of the way the lines wrap around, I first read it as he had to bear with himself. Been in that alone spot, where you only have yourself for company, and it doesn't help if you don't like yourself very much at that point. I like that he found a way out in the end.

paris parfait said...

I think you've done a great job interweaving these words to create a good poem.

Anonymous said...

Oh, such lovely writing.

Like Desert Rat, this was my favorite line, it captured me immediately:

"tribulations of his folly, he had himself to bear"

I know those men, indeed.

Also - bravo on your bravery in terms of using multiple words from the prompt generator. I purposely selected just one word, because I am not so brave. Ha!

- Chel

Clare said...

Hi Gautami! I love what you wrote, especially the first stanza, which so powerfully describes in the sense of nowhere. And I love how you chose to write a Petrachan sonnet. I really like trying new forms of poetry too!

polona said...

another masterful poem!

Rob Kistner said...

Gautami -

This is a very engaging piece -- and piercing look at what it is to be lost, and the blind courage (and fate) it takes to find your way back.

I liked it!

get zapped said...

I love the ending. I am on that path of finding my way out into the light. Lovely imagery.

sage said...

sometimes the way out is hard to find... nicely done

Tammy Brierly said...

Wow! You used these words very nicely. BTW, I got a new template in progress. I hope it's quicker to see.

Pauline said...

From all plans gone awry to the last goodbye, you've painted a journey.

Romeo Morningwood said...

"each miniscule particle of sand in the desert
pierced like needle into sensitive skin; barrage
of it spiralled upwards towards the azure sky"

I imagined this poor fellow as one of the scientists who had helped develop the Atomic Bomb. Here he was walking through the sand that had turned into glass from the heat of the explosion. He could not stop thinking about the mushroom cloud.

He felt guilty for unleashing Prometheus but he had to believe that this terrible weapon would bring a sudden end to the War.

Anonymous said...

Nice vocabulary usage within this poetic form. Enjoyed your piece. I always find such varied writing here. It's a joy to read your work.

(My current post will explain why I've been away from blogland so long.)

gautami tripathy said...

rose: I never saw it as a love poem. Thanks for that insight.

welome: First I welcome you here. Tanks for liking it.

ghost particle: I got the gift of the gab!!

rax: Thanks. Never thought of it that way.

gautami tripathy said...

desert rat: It's my favourite form of sonnets. I only write sonnets in this form. Do write one.

Thanks for liking the poem.

paris/tara: thanks!

chelise: welcome to my blog. Thanks!

clare: thanks. Do try one. Not as difficult as it seems.

polona: thanks.

rob: When I wrote it, I thought it was disjointed. It seems it works for most.

get zapped: Thanks. It does have an unversal apppeal.

sage: I know that rather very well.

tammy: thanks. I have checked your blog and your new template works fine.

pauline: thanks!

donn/h.e.: When I wrote it, I was thinking of crash landing on a desert island, all alone. But as I progressed along, it took different meanings. It can be interpreted in so many ways. Abstract to the very mundane. Yours is one of those. Thanks for THAT insight.

gel: sorry to know about what you went through. All is going to be wll. Good to see you back.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very nice -- I wish I could rhyme :)

Borut said...

I really really like it!:)Navigating the unknown...

Steve said...

I know what you are saying!

Catherine said...

I think you're brave to add the challenge of the sonnet form to the challenge of using the words from the prompt generator. I'm quite impressed

Pat Paulk said...

The power of positive thinking. Love a happy ending sonnet!!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

gautami... this is BEAUTIFUL... how MOVING...
thank you for sharing your words and your heart!

and THANK YOU so much for you encouragement and kind comments... I have felt very shy about sharing on poetry thursday... I am such a novice and you have been so sweet to stop by and read my verse.


gautami tripathy said...

andrew: Most this poetry has to rhyme. You and I know, it doesn't. I always love your very insightful tankas.

borut: welcome back. You have been missed here.

steve: Do you really..:D

catherine: I am now hooked to structure poetry. I can't seem to write in free verse..:(

pat: Sonnets are most of the times negative ending, true. I try to make those positive.

tracie: Thanks. You too keep writing and keep posting.

magiceye said...


Russell CJ Duffy said...

more delightful twists that a knotted cord from heaven.

Writing on Board said...

hello gautami, so nice to see someone playing with a net. loverly...

floots said...

nowhere land is a puzzling place
(which we all visit)
as you say so well
we have to find our own way out

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Gautami, beautiful poem. I love the feeling of nothingness you weave with your random words. Great post. Sorry I am so late with my comments but we switched over to Verizon today and PC was off since last night.


Marie said...

You always intrigue me with the way you weave words in intricate ways...I never heard of this kind of sonnet either...thanks for tapping my brain.

You have more than a gift of gab, you have a gift of words. thanks for visiting my kiddos. They love to have an audience. Bless you!

Anonymous said...

This is my first exposure to your work, but I hear a great voice in this poem, articulate and distinctive.

January said...

Great use of the randomzed words. I especially like these lines:

"ventured he did into serrated land, with so bold
mind, all miseries forgotten in his demeanour."

Very nice!