Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Phantoms Play----3WW

..............3WW ........... stroke, summer, leave

Phantoms Play

in the middle of the hot summer night,
moon behind the cloud sheds orange light,
dancing fireflies are in a perpetual flight.

tired, harried and hungry I arrive alone,
looking for a place to rest my tired bones.
midst of nowhere, i see a house of stone.

eerie silence permeates the surroundings.
the sudden stroke of the clock enhancing
the hush. massive clouds look seemingly

like phantoms playing without any care.
inside the house, virtually no one to share
hastily i leave, as staying there; I don’t dare!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who is the phantom. The narrator, or the empty stone house. Or, perhaps both are. Spooky, very spooky. :)



Anonymous said...

dancing fireflies are in a perpetual flight.

I thought that very nice

Borut said...

Haunting, reminds my of my visit to the ruins of a hotel above Trieste, Northern Italy, in which Sir Richard Burton used to translate his version of the Arabina Nights and much else at the end of the 19th century...

Clockworkchris said...

I loved how you wove the words together and the rhyme was an added bonus. Really enjoyed the beginning of the third stanza. Eerie is one of those words that rings in my ear when I hear it aloud.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

This is really well written. Great to read it.

DCchick said...

I loved your poem.

gautami tripathy said...

rose: well there aren't any phantoms. It appears there are..:D

pia: I like that line too.

borut: I wanted the haunting effect.

chris: the word eerie has such connotations!

andrew: thanks!

dcchick: thanks!

Bone said...

I agree with Pia about the dancing fireflies line. Very beautiful.

Thank you for participating in 3WW :)

uberjam said...

i also like the line with the fireflies. plus the one about the orange light. :)

reminds me of an old house we once went to. sort of like a haunted house. :)

Carlos said...

What a nice post. Like Pia, I like "dancing fireflies are in a perpetual flight." But I like it all.

Thank you for dropping by my blog, by the way.

Gay said...

Great mood. You can feel the chill.

sage said...

'the moon behind cloud sheds orange light"

I like that start to the poem, like a rising moon and now I relize that with the clouds and storms I missed last night's blue moon!

gautami tripathy said...

Thanks to you all for your visit and the comments. I too had a good time reading your posts.

It is so much fun to know how varied we write with three given words.

Lotus Reads said...

A nice Halloween feel to this poem! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVED IT!!! That was great! the image that you showed! Nice job!!!

Yes said...

I really can get into the place and the mood of this poem--
I didn't realize that you were working with the three words at first--I was admiring how your use of italics on "stroke" and "leave" gave vividness to the story!

I enjoy your sense of humor--your personality really comes through here!