Monday, April 09, 2007


when the world starts
to you
in ways
you never thought possible
you enjoy the adulation
love the attention

you glow
like the moon
reflecting the sun
like a child
soaking it up
nuzzling closer to the
seeking more of
is offered

sharing of ideas
exchanging of knowledge
notions bartered
thoughts scattered
that are
at times shattered

just as suddenly
you want yourself back
to be with yourself
your inner self
never lets you down
no matter what

just me
trying to
fill that

Good to be back doing what I like best. Free verse!!


polona said...

i know the feeling...
well done, gautami!

Anonymous said...

Free the verse. :)

This reads like a dance, partners flowing effortlessly.

WithinWithout said...

Brilliant and beautiful, Gautami...sometimes the only safe refuge is within.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem. I hope you can use your shattered dreams to help you learn and grow.

Yes said...

This is full of wonderful insight--
and expressed with clarity and delicacy!
I know the feelings you are describing, and you are right on!

(I like the centered format too!)

Keshi said...

well done!


gautami tripathy said...

polona/keshi/firebird: thanks.

brian: I never thought of it like that. You do give me deeper insights into my own poetry.

within without: Well, you should knw. You are within..:D

anne: Maybe I have.

BTW, I do not like centering my poetry. But I experimented and liked theoutcome in this.

grumplestiltskin said...

really like this
(and most certainly identify with the sentiments)

Anonymous said...

"just as suddenly
you want yourself back
to be with yourself
your inner self
never lets you down
no matter what"

So true. Well said.

Paul said...

To me, this gets at the importance of maintaining a relationship with oneself, so to speak, both for personal integrity and as a foundation for relating well to others.

Lotus Reads said...

THis was excellent have expressed, so beautifully, what I often feel but don't always have the ability to express.

Happy to be back at your blog again...I needed to go on hiatus for a while, life was getting too busy!

magiceye said...

thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

gautami tripathy said...

floots: thanks.

ally bean: thanks.

paul: Yes, you got the gist of it. Only when we are comfortable in our own skins, we can relate to others better. Only by self-discovery, the discovery of the world follows.

lotus: welcome back. I missed you. How was the hiatus?

magiceye: thanks.

Don Iannone, D. Div., M.Div., MA said...

Wow! This is a beauty. I ike this poem a lot, Gautami.

sage said...

nicely done Gautami!

Pat Paulk said...

Can't stray too far from "self-discovery" or free verse. I get easily lost. Great poem!!!

Beaman said...

Great to read your free verse. I find it one of the hardest types of poetry to write to be honest but you seem to have mastered it.

'...notions bartered
thoughts scattered
that are
at times shattered...'

Wonderful part!

Romeo Morningwood said...

It is exhilerating to connect with open minded free thinkers and admirers of beautiful poetry and inspirational Art...
far away from the real world, which is an ugly mess.

That being said,
'you get what you give',
and that's why you glow my dear sister...and fear not, for there is still plenty of mystery about you.

Pip said...

Hi Gautami
I'm finally getting a chance to catch up on your blog. Poetry Thursday and NaPoWriMo are taking up most of my online time at the moment! It looks like you made a breakthrough with this poem. It is very uplifting and affirming. Well done!

Ces Adorio said...

Like blogging. I love the exchange with my favorite bloggers. Lovely poem. I love your free verse style.

gautami said...

don: thanks. WElcome back after so long.

sage: thanks.

pat: I agree whole-heartedly. I do stray for a while from free versing but come back to it like moth to flame!

beaman: I started out on free verse. It flows easy for my scattered thoughts. I do try my best. I like to experiment with my writing.

You are very good in your poetry. You will go a long way. Keep it up.

donn/h.e.: It was really about blogging though. But works there too. Msot important is I get to exchange my ideas with all kinds of people. That is very sustaining.

I am not worrying about my mystery. Either the presence or the lack of it.

BTW, I am glad tro have another brother...:D.

pip: You are welcome anytime. Thanks.

ces: You do have a point there. I do like to banter with some. And get serious with others. Long live blogging!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Gautami,

I wanted to thank you. This poem you wrote gave me such a jolt and sense of purpose. I realized I needed to do what was best for me.



gautami said...

rose: Glad that my poem made a difference for you. Thanks for saying that.

iamnasra said...

I love it true is this when you are alone you wish for someone and when you are you want to gain yourself back ??? Do I make sense at all

gautami tripathy said...

Nasra, you make perfect sense to me. That's how it is.


Dintoons said...

free and spontaneous, i like it so much!! :)