Monday, April 16, 2007


parched throat,
dry tongue;
seems like
beckoning death.
body quivers,
mind shivers,
soul craves
with single

crystal clear,
pure, flowing,
absolute bliss,
trickling slowly
down the throat
satiates body,
satisfies soul.
just one single
sip of water,
sustains existence.


As we have water problems in summer, this came into mind. Nothing to brag home about- just stating of facts in simple verse.


Romeo Morningwood said...

Now this is thirsty!
America consumes 79 BILLION GALLONS every day.

W.C. Fields said, "I don't drink water..water rusts pipes"

Humans are 65% water and 75% of the planet is covered by water.

When I was a kid nobody would have ever guessed that we would be willing to PAY for bottled water...not in a million years.

gautami tripathy said...

donn: I find we waste more water than we use. Conservation has
become a mere word.

This situation is created by the unthinking homo escapeon, no offence to you..:D

In some parts of India, women walk miles to fetch water.

How true, who ever imagined we would be buying bottled water..

polona said...

a timely reminder!
drinking water is becoming increasingly precious...

Elaine Vigneault said...

you're been added to 2kbloggers. Check it out:

Don Iannone, D. Div., M.Div., MA said...

Lovely and could be taken in so many different ways...

gautami tripathy said...

polona: I forgot to carry my bottle of water to school and for a while I felt just the way I described in here.

elain: thanks. I will go and chk it out!

don: well, yes. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

We are having a severe drought in Florida as well. Water is wasted so much until it's a crisis.

Kamsin said...

Despite being a country known for rain, the South East of England (where I live) generally has water shortages in the summer, a lot of it is down to waste and bad plumbing (leaky pipes etc). Anyway, your poem captures well the effect water has on a thirsty soul.

Margie said...

Hi Gautami
So sweet of you to stop in with your kind words!
I miss you too!
I'm actually going to be taking a long break...till the Fall.
But, I will be popping in to visit you now and then.
I'll be posting a new poem in a few days...hope you can come back and visit then.

I really like this poem....
love how you write!

I send you hugs!
Take good care, and thank you for all your kind visits to my blog!


gautami tripathy said...

brian: I think this has become a worldwide problem. We too are responsible as we simply do not care.

kamsin: You got that right. Same problem here too. And no one seems to care.

margie: welcome after SO long. How are you? I will go chk your poem after you post it in a few days.

Beaman said...

Re: my poem.
The poem on arranged marriages is based on something that really happened. My ex-girlfriend was Indian, from Mumbai who was in the UK. Her parents split us apart, which devastated both of us. There was nothing we could do despite all efforts. She even tried to take her own life.

Interesting verse by the way. Reminded me first of the terrible situation in Sudan where going to get water is taking a chance against rape and murder.

Kindness said...

gautami, your poem applies directly to where I live. In Arizona we have been in a serious drought for years now with no end in sight. i never leave the house without a bottle of water.

Ces Adorio said...

Gautami, you have a magnificent way of using words to induce people like me to the sensation being addressed. As I read the first stanza, I started feeling the thirsty and dry and the second stanza just cured it. Effective and powerful.

gP said...

hemm...this gives water an almost romantic face...:D

Im still ghosting...finding time when time is searching for me.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

o.k., I was thirsty but now I'm REALLY thirsty! I'm going to get some water. :)

grumplestiltskin said...

your words too are aqua vitae
thank you

Kavi said...

As the high rises continue to get higher, water is going to go deeper and deeper and scarcer by the day.

When are we going to wake up to the new reality ? Your poem wonderfully captures the image !

magiceye said...

hard hitting!

Pat Paulk said...

Gautami, I think you have alot to brag about here. Without water we all go bye-bye. Great poem!!

dsnake1 said...

your post brings back memories. when i was a kid, the whole village shares one public pipe. thank god it was always running. :)

gautami tripathy said...

beaman: I somehow thought of her as an Indian when I read it.

kindnes: It seems this is the situation all over the world.

ces: I was so thirsty that day. Hence I described what I felt at that moment of time.

ghost: water IS romantic..!!!

andrew: Drink as much as you can. Body needs lots of water.

floots: Are they? Thanks!

kavi: ground water is already scarce. Thanks.

magiceye: yes, it is.

pat: Yes, That is so true. We do not exist without water.

dsnake1: the same situation exists in India but the tap is dry now!

sage said...

Water, a metaphor of life. Thanks

strauss said...

Yes, coming from Australia, and they are currently deep in drought, water issues are a huge concern. Here in Canada there seems to be an abundance, but it doesn't seem to be captured as well as it could.

gautami tripathy said...

sage: yes. Thanks.

strauss: Welcome! At this rate we are all going to perish in some years. No water, no life!

trinitystar said...

how true that it is for those that do not have a great access to water as yourself. Those that do ... do take it for granted.
hugs for you :o)