Friday, February 08, 2008

10 to 10---I did 11!

I have been tagged by Juliet Wilson for this. The idea is to do ten verses about me, and then issue the challenge to ten others. As it about writing poetry, I decided to do the meme. This is not in any particular order. Here I take Option Three: Pick Three of Cafe Writing February Project. Pick any three words from: astonished, conclusion, drown, gilded, hands, magnify, snow, time. Also for [Fiction] Friday Challenge: Flip a coin. Heads, and your characters hates Valentine's Day, Tails, and they love it. Now come up with the reason your character feels the way they do.

rock music playing loudly, I drown-
synchronising my steps,
my fingers tap furiously on the keyboard-

I write my dancing thoughts,
giving it a semblance of order
magnified in the form of poetry.

mathematics equates to my line of work
where I interact with children-
goggle eyed to receive knowledge.

green earth attracts, soothes-
earthy browns, mustard yellows
willow in my mind’s vision.

internal dialogues are nothing new
for me. I resolve my problems talking to
myself out of it or into it.

smell of books draw me into a world
so very different from my own-
teaching me so much while doing so.

holding a cup of tea, I savour that aroma-
indulging myself with many a cup
filled with antioxidants, over the day.

my finger rings reflect the rays of the sun-
my only weakness in jewellery;
no other embellishments interest me.

loose tees, many pocketed cargos along
with snickers, is my favourite attire-
comfort being the keyword always.
withdrawing into myself, I like being alone
in my own skin. loneliness is a word
which is not there in my dictionary

spewing disapproval on vulgar display
of love, it matters not a fig, flipping coin
may go either way for valentine!

conclusion in a nutshell is that I lead
a pretty normal, boring life-
wishing for scandals in abundance.

Now the tagging bit! Instead of 10, I am tagging 11!


chris sapp,
Don Iannone,
ghost particle,

All my poet/non-poet friends are welcome to do the meme. Remember, you have to write ten things about yourself in verse form!


Anonymous said...

Cup of tea, yummy, jewellery is not a weakness and you are a sweetness,

Anonymous said...

i will see

Anuradha Sridharan said...

wow...very interesting persona u have, gauthami!

gP said...

oh my god....! 10!?

Ill do it! hmphhhh!

gP said...

ill tell my mom u wanna marry me... :P

Don Iannone, D. Div., M.Div., MA said...

So much packed into this life...just like life. Tagged again, eh?

Unknown said...

Oh I love it! So revealing! I will try to have mine up a little later today.

Anonymous said...

Such fun to read, some surprises I read; some expected. To say boring, when you write with so much intensity, redefines boring, I think.

Ambiguitylotus said...

After reading this, I couldn't tell that it was supposed to be a meme. I think that's because you've written each stanza in such a nice way that it flows without my noticing.

I love stanzas 4 and 6-9 the best. :)

Anonymous said...

Now that was a clever piece!

Unknown said...

All right. Just for you, here it is.

Anonymous said...

Rock to tea,
books to love
adds up
to quite
the poet

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks for joining in, Gautami! I enjoyed this poem, I can relate to quite a lot of it - especially the drinking tea and the books - my favourite stanza is number 4

Janet said...

Each of your verses brought forth a vivid picture in my mind...beautiful!

Jack Greening said...

As I sit here drinking my green tea with ginger, shaking my head in wonder...please tell me that you furrow your brow, bite a nail or two, fret a little looking for a word, please tell me that it is not all as easy as it reads.

grumplestiltskin said...

nice idea
and good to learn more about you
(can't promise to take part unless my main computer comes back from the repairman very soon) :(

Tumblewords: said...

What fun! It reads so well and discloses just the right amount! I'll follow the links! Thank you for the tag - and maybe, just maybe, I'll figure how to poem me.

Tammy Brierly said...

I actually could see you in 3D with this amazing meme. Verse 5 is one I can really relate too.

Thank you for being my muse Tami!

I have talked Dave into visiting TK on Sunday but I'll be doing this soon.


abby - the geek girl said...

"my finger rings reflect the rays of the sun-
my only weakness in jewellery;
no other embellishments interest me."
That was my favorite line!! I love it!! I too enjoy tea many times throughout the day!! I think yours was great... I finally got around to finishing mine yesterday. :)

Shephard said...

Wishing for scandals....
clever line. :)
Hi Again!

anthonynorth said...

Writers tend to have quiet lives - after they've lived their life, of course. And then comes reflection, as you do very well.

Jodi Cleghorn said...

internal dialogues are nothing new
for me. I resolve my problems talking to myself out of it or into it.

This stanza is my fav and it speaks volumes to me - and speaks volumes about both you and I!!

It reads so effortlessly that I continue to be astounded and perhaps falling a little in love with poetry the more I read (I've always found it hard and unaccessible - so thank you for reopening the poetry door for me!)

I think I'll pop over and read Square1's musings.

ozymandiaz said...

This I shall work upon. Let ya know when it is up.
don't think I've ever resolved an issue with internal dialogue but I've definatly cuased some, especially when the dialogue occures verbally.

rebecca said...

i agree with anthony north that writers tend to have quiet lives....then reflect. i also believe good writing comes from experiencing and being very attuned to the world through your five senses. and your writing has always reflected that.

Anonymous said...

I like this view of you - I've been tagged for that same meme but it is taking me a while. I can't even begin to contemplate combining it with another prompt!

If you are interested, my pick-3 for cafe writing is up here:
Merger and Oh!

Melody said...

This is original, Gautami! Not to mention a great piece too.

polona said...

this flows so smoothly and reveals a great deal about you.
love it

Tammy Brierly said...

Tami, I did it! I don't think I'm back to my old self in creativity yet but I tried. I'll get it in gear when I get back. Thank you!

dsnake1 said...

hi gautami,


view it here

little wing writer said...

enjoyed reading your list...

catryan said...

Wow! I learned about you from that poem. Jewelry, solitude, sandals, teaching math.
Very fun!