Monday, February 04, 2008

Making my day excellently!

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In the past week, I got two awards from 3 blogging friends. For this blog, I was given two awards, You make my day award from
Marie and Excellent award from Sage. I also received You make my day award from Dewey for my other blog, My Own Little Reading Room, where I mostly write reviews and book related posts. That blog is updated 3-4 days a week. This one, 5-6 days a week.

Now one has to pass on these awards to 10 other blogging friends giving reasons for bestowing those. 10 for each award makes it 20! Mind you, the list is alphabetical. As for as I am concerned, both carry equal weightage.

First I take the You make my day award.

Framed: A book blogger. I like her way of reviewing books. Very cool and objective. I have added a few to my TBR pile from her reading lists and reviews.

Floots: His poetry is, I feel out of this world. Reading it takes us on a journey of sorts. His photographs are awesome. I like his dry humour in his works.

Literary Feline: She too writes cool reviews. I like her booking through thursdays posts as well as friday fill in posts. Best thing is, I like her name!

Pat Paulk: He writes truly beautiful poetry on mundane things of life. I caanot even imagine how he does it. Someday I hope I can write such beautiful poetry on the most ordinary of things. Do go read his poetry. You will know what I mean.

Polona: She writes beautiful haigas. To the point and precise. Her pictures are very good.

Ravenous Reader: I have known her for her poetry and prose pieces. However, she has started this book blog and I finding visiting this blog more often. I like her, reflections on reading etc. BTW, she is always giving out books! That is one reason you must visit her. :D

Remiman: He writes both poetry and prose. Posts a lot of pictures too. It is a pleasure to read him. I like his sense of humour.

Rose Dewy Knickers: One of the best minds I have come across. She is as cool as Brian. I would say, more. After all, she is my blogging sister. Her posts hit hard. I truly love her.

Sage: He has the ability to make places and people come out alive for you. His travelogues are too good. His book reviews are very well done. He reads mostly non-fiction and with his reviews, he tempts me to do the same. I am waiting for the day when he publishes his travelogues and I write a review for that!

Tammy: Her posts are ever so positive. She is a classic example to how to survive in adversity. She does not seek sympathy. She makes it worth while that life has to be lived despite what comes.

tumblewords: Her art work and poetry complement each other. One of the best poets on the blog world.

Now taking the excellent awards:

Bone: He has a fish named Gabe Kaplan. I don't think I need to say more.

Juliet otherwise known as craftygreen poet: She works towards saving the environment by her poetry. She does posts on recycling. Her posts are very near to nature, the earth and all things contained in it. She reads like anything. I find the coolest books mentioned on her blog. Her poetry is very down to earth.

Donn Coppens otherwise known as homo escapeons: I think I can't really describe him. The datas he comes with for anything in the universe has to be read, no matter what. He taxes my brains. At times, I have been known to scratch my head after reading his posts. No, not because of lice. Maybe, I do not understand what he says...:D

Dewey: No Dewey, I am not giving this as a return one. I think your blog deserves this. You have unknowingly, encouraged me to join challenges. I have picked many books from your reviews. Of course, you are one generous book giver! Folks, another great reason to visit her!

John Mutford: Another book blogger who posts are really good. He writes about book, authors, poets. Very refreshing posts. His The Great Wednesay Compare has to be read and participated. Check him out, folks!

Keith Hillman: I simply love his story telling. I would say he is an excellent prose writer. His stories about one of his friend Rosie, are too good to be missed. All of us love her already.

Mike McCulley: Another poet whose work is awesome. He can tell us a whole story in a poem. With vivid pictures.

Tara Bradford/Paris Parfait: She gives us great glimpses of Paris. Its art, culture. You name it, she has it. Her blog is not be missed.

Rethabile: He showcases brilliant poets on his blog. Which we would have missed otherwise. He himself writes beautiful poetry. That, which hits hard.

Paul Martin: He has a spiritual blog. Very reflective and thinking posts. One has to visit original faith to know more about him. I admire Paul, his spirit.

Within Without: He is as excellently wacky as his friend, H.E.! I can't leave him out. I don't want them to fight over who deserves it more. Chris, I love you as much as I love Donn, if not more!

Well, I chose 11 for each! You can proudly display the awards, pass it on or do whatever you want to. Throw it even!


Crafty Green Poet said...

Oh wow, thanks Gautami! I'm honoured, now I have to think of 10...

sage said...

Thank you Gautami! Unlike Crafty above, I'm honored! (ignore my sarcasm if it bothers you) I'll have to check out some of these other blogs...

Literary Feline said...

Thank you so much, Gautami! I really like reading your reviews also. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Gautami! I am honored :)

All my writer friends make my day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks sistah for the award. I'm not sure about the best minds bit, but is you insist. ;)

Love you



paris parfait said...

Guatami, congratulations to you! And thanks so much for the lovely kudos! I'm thrilled you chose my blog for an award.

Dewey said...

Aw, thank you! I like my E rating. Last time I took a rating quiz, my blog was rated R for naughty words! ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, thanks for naming me - and thanks for all those links to blogs you like. Will check them out first chance I get -

Shephard said...

Congrats on your well-deserved awards. :)
Michele says congrats too.

Tumblewords: said...

Wow! What an honor! Thank you so much, Gautami! And congratulations on your award! Blogging is a wonderful venture...

Rethabile said...

Thank you Gautami. You deserve the awards honourably. And in turn I'm honoured to receive recognition from you. Thank you very much.

Tammy Brierly said...

Tami, thank you for those lovely words and your constant inspiration. :)


Pat Paulk said...

Gautami, thanks for including me in your awards and such kind words!!!

grumplestiltskin said...

thank you so much gautami
i am most flattered
this has given me a broad smile at the end of a tough day
thanks again

Framed said...

Here it is; the end of my birthday and I got an award. It made my day! Thanks so much. Funny, I was going over my TBR list the other day and was amazed at how many were recommended by you.

rel said...

You and your writing are both deserving of these awards, I'm humbled that you would include me amongst this august group of talented writers. Thank you from the soul within me.

Jen B said...

cool awards, you deserve them all!!

Romeo Morningwood said...

First of all, Danke Schön for the tribute, it is deliciously rewarding coming from such an internationally acclaimed wordsmith such as yourself.

Now, to the matter at hand.
With regards to your attempt to smooth over the intense rivalry for your affections between winky wankerpants and yours truly, might I suggest that you stop mollycoddling the lad and let the Darwinian forces take their natural course.

"I don't want them to fight over who deserves it more. Chris, I love you as much as I love Donn, IF NOT MORE!"

My Word! Gadzooks Madame!
I should think that this sort of 'positive' attention will only encourage him to continue this blatantly transparent, charade.

Masquerading in this sensitive male persona has gone unchallenged for far too long. I shall challenge him to a duel.
My honour demands it!

polona said...

you deserve the awards and i thank you for awarding me mine.
i am most honoured.

Anonymous said...

yayayay, congratulations on your awards, and what a fantastic bunch of links, I wash had time to explore all of them, congratulations yayayayay,

Keshi said...

Guess my blog bores u to death then. LOL!

Congratts all winners WOOHOO! :)


Anonymous said...

Donn: No one fought a duel over me till now. I welcome it. With all my heart. You both decide on the time. I will be there to take the winner. Then we will sing duets, like they do in Hindi Movies.