Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Introducing myself by the way of poetry---3WW

Bridge, Disturbed, Still

sb poet of watermark fame wants us to introduce ourselves. In the way of poetry. No, not by writing poetry. That I will do in another post for which I was tagged. I have taken her questions too. Please do introduce yourself here or on your blog. Just don't forget to link back here or to sbpoet! You can change these questions or make your own.

  • Do you read poems?
  • If no, why not?
  • Do you write poems?
  • If yes, whatever for?
  • What, for you, makes a poem a good poem?
Do you read poems?

Yes, of course I read poetry. I read all the older as well as newer poets, Shakespeare, Wordsmith, Keats, Byron, Browning, Burns, Frost, Yeats, Syvia Plath (Some may get disturbed reading Plath but her words carry a lot of power), Dorothy Parker, Mary Oliver, Emily Dickinson, Charles Simic to name only a few.

Do you write poems?
If yes, whatever for?

Yes, I do. All the time. I taught myself to write it. Why do I write it? To give an outlet to my creativity, I take up a lot of social issues in my poetry. I give vent to my feelings. I express myself via poetry. Poetry helps me understand myself. Poetry can bridge the gap left by emotional upheaval, in our heart and soul. It gives me a certain direction. There is some compulsion to write it down. Sometimes it gushes out. Others, I make myself write it. Many times what I intended to write flows in another direction. I seldom write intensly personal poetry. Or love poetry. Still, reading poetry is more pleasurable than writing it down.

What, for you, makes a poem a
good poem?

That which moves me deeply, creates vivid images in my mind, is well worded, conveys by speaking out to me. Understanding the poem is important. Using words, which don't make sense fails in the very purpose of poetry writing. Symbolism too should be such which touches our very soul. I like both simple poetry as well as complicated ones.

What puts you off while reading poems ? Online or otherwise?

I will take online poetry. Most are written instantly and are really good. However, I am put off by misspellings and bad or improper usage of punctuations. (*Update: I corrected it here. I think it distracted people from talking about what I wrote before.)


Anonymous said...

3 Words on a Wednesday. 3 words 3 prompt and 3 answers. Great way of revealing a small part you!

Christine Gail said...

Nice to know a little more about the poetic side of you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi sistah! Thanks for the answers to my poem, not saying you are right though. :)

I read poems online, very few in book form. I write poems because they allow a different style of projecting myself. I do prefer to write stories if I had to choose.

A good poem for me is when I read and am transported to the mind of the author. When that poet takes me by the hand and shows me their world.

Online is better, I agree with Gautami.



Truefaith1963 said...

Don't be "put off by misspellings and bad or impropr usage of puntuations" or you'll never visit me!

Great replies Gautami. I have to agree that poems created on-line in an instant of time, rather than being laboured over, can be more interesting. I am full of self-doubt, so if I stop to think about writing, I don't ever finish it!

Marie said...

I LOVED this post because it's so real and honest why you like poetry and why you not only share poetry, but read the poetry of others. I agree, the expression is worth so much more than the worry of misspelled words or punctuation (though sometimes might get in the way of meaning.) You allow people to be themselves, and that's what I like about you!

Anonymous said...

Emily Dickinson - always a favorite.

You revealed yourself here quite nicely. Poetry is a creative outlet and you've done well in all your poetry.

Yes, I'm one of those guilty of misspelling and using bad punctuation - is this the right spelling of punctuation? I noticed you spell it differently - puntuation.

Anonymous said...

Truthfaith/lissa: I spelled those words like that to emphasize what I am trying to say. Notice the three exclamation marks at the end?


Norma said...

I thought perhaps puntuation was a play on words, meaning to gamble or kick the ball (words).

Interesting post. I might try this one.

ozymandiaz said...

Jeeze, I think I have all of your pet peeves covered. Most of my poor spelling is in my comments, though, as there is no spell check.

Truefaith1963 said...

Further to my earlier comment (you've got me thinking) I do like poetry that is not too simple and obvious, that needs to be read a few times and thought about, that uses language that challenges me.

Ozymandiaz - great name!!

UL said...

I hear you on the spelling and grammar pieces, I was taught to abide but I enjoy breaking the rules, from time to time. Hope you would still read mine!

rebecca said...

well, i already knew you are a good poet. i like some of your stuff quite a lot. i find writing poetry somewhat hard these days. it used to flow quite easily and i would write it when i felt raw and connected to the subject; but then i took a creative writing course where we dealt with poetry and i had to look at it analytically and why this word worked and that one didn't. at that point it became no longer enjoyable as i had to put too much thought to it and it hindered my creativity. but i did learn a few tricks and still write some once in awhile.

TC said...

I really like how you used bridge.

And yes, Sylvia Path can definitely be described as disturbing!!!!

Anonymous said...

How very clever you are. I see you killed two birds with one stone...well done!


Linda Jacobs said...

I like how you incorporated the three words into your background and especially the "bridge" one!

Thanks for sharing this part of you with us!

Tumblewords: said...

As usual, a nice piece with a touch of personal that makes it ring!

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

i am so very pleased to make your acquaintence.

personalized punctuation and spelling are part of my process as well. i write it like i feel it and leave it to the true "readers" to interpret.

great piece. :)

M as in Mint said...

A breezy mix of prompts!

Sherry said...

Excellent post -- you manage so well to combine 3WW with a meme -- very revealing and very creative!

Anonymous said...

I never think of Dorothy Parker as a poet but a great prose write but of course: candy is dandy
but liquor is quicker

Thanks for talking about your poetic self

Anonymous said...

Gautami, this is great. Some of you have been blogging together a lot longer, and know each other better, so for me this was a good way to get to know you as a writer, besides reading your poems.

I enjoy coming to your site. I find myself leapfrogging to your link before I read others. you are also a good blogging friend, because you always respond to my poems. So, I thank you.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to understand where someone comes from to catch a greater grasp on why they write the way they do.

Beau Brackish said...

Great insights. I think I need to think about poetry more before I attempt to write more myself.

Btw, I gave you a blogging award.

Whitesnake said...

Dose ti erally atterm!

Anonymous said...

I learned rules, but break many of them, both because I can and just to experiment. Spelling does annoy me, though.

This line was very telling, Gautami:

"Poetry can bridge the gap left by emotional upheaval, in our heart and soul."

You bridge gaps quite well.

little wing writer said...

great thought provoking post!!... yeppers, love to read period... poetry more now than ever.. i like dorothy parker too... i think it started w/ee commings.. have been writing for awhile and then stopped.. just recently started again.. writing is two-edged.. a good poem is full of breathing words and moving images.. last question, a poem that breathes not... again, thank you for a great post!!!

Bone said...

Loved your answer to the second question, Gautami. Beautifully said.

I apologize for not being around for a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

This made very interesting reading. If we want to write ourselves, we must read other poets. I find blogging good for me as, particularly for 3WW, I've been forced to produce something quickly. I don't have your ability to tap into a seem of endless creativity.


Husband says I read "Heavy Literature"....but I haven't had time to in a while. I enjoy studying poetry....line-by-line. Michele sent me and I should try to find the time to read/blog some poetry. :-)