Friday, May 23, 2008

the end of the world for me------Writers Island

amongst my collection, I looked for it everywhere
somehow my mind could not recall where I had misplaced it
a much coveted possession gone missing right in front of my eyes
replacing it is not a problem and is only an option
but how did it happen in the first place
it might be trivial for some
for me it was a serious matter
for a few days it played in my mind
finally I gave up on it
making it a note, I will replace it soon

now I am at your place enjoying a cup of tea
what do I find nestled in your shelves
the very same book I have been searching for
do you mind giving it back to me
so that I return it to its rightful place


I was reading "On Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham" some days ago. I found it missing. I searched for it everywhere and couldn't find it. After I had given up on it, I found it a friend's place who had picked it up from my place. She had not asked for it. I wouldn't have refused her if she had asked for it. But taking it away without asking, I was kind of pretty mad!


ozymandiaz said...

hell yea, I would be miffed also
but then again, I don't recall making it all the way through the bbok

anthonynorth said...

One of the worst crimes imaginable! People approach my own bookshelves with utmost caution.

Don Iannone, D. Div., M.Div., M.A. said...

Enjoyed. I haven't read it. Perhaps I should. Hope you are well. Are you off for the summer?

totomai said...

i hate it when it happens. i value my stuffs too. if someone want to borrow it, i can lend it..

rebecca said...

i once had a friend come to my house and begin to take books out of my bookshelves like she was at a library....when i saw the pile of books next to her bag, she THEN asked if she could borrow them. i was taken aback. some of them i would not have lent to anyone because i find some people do not take great care of books as i do. fast forward: she returned all but one -- Toni Morrisson's Beloved (she didn't know what happened to it) and the others had coffee stains on the covers, ripped papers....yeah, i was angry!

polona said...

gosh, such a thing would make me mad, too!
this is very well written!

chicklegirl said...

This was nice, and I really related to having lost something and the frustration of not being able to find it (although my problem is just being forgetful!)

It's sad when people we care about us take advantage of that or fail to show common courtesy and respect (perhaps not so common after all). You did a great job capturing that as well, the sensation of being perplexed, indignant, baffled and even hurt.

Constance Brewer said...

I gave up loaning books, and this line sums it up perfectly -
"it might be trivial for some
for me it was a serious matter"

Nice job!

Stan Ski said...

Books are probably the most important tools of education. Losing one can be like losing part of yourself.

ummi said...

I would be totally miffed myself. And I admire your ability to transfer that 'miffiness' into poetry..:)
Thank you for visiting my blog.

Robin said...

Nothing drives me crazier than a misplaced object, and then to find that it had been removed without your knowledge!

Rambler said...

books. specially the ones I read has a lot of personal touch to it, I keep page ends folded so that I can read them again when I am mood for it, and I would be pretty miffed too..

DJPare said...

That is not cool.
You don't come across as the type of person who wouldn't let people borrow, so not asking is just low...

Good post though!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Been there! I tell people that they can help themselves to the stacks in here, but they have to tell me what they take; I've had books get requested from the trading sites, and then I have to turn the request down and ... I just hate that.

Rebecca Reid said...

I understand! Very nice poem.

Vishesh said...

lol...that reminds me :)

cyclopseven said...

Sometimes under the veil of eagerness, people are carried away and lose their conscience. A little reminder every now and then can keep them alert. Very well conveyed.

Tammy Brierly said...

That was indeed rude especially because they were a friend. Loved that last line!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Yes - always, ALWAYS ask before you take!!!

Did your friend return it gracefully?

Jeques said...

My attachement to my books comes from the notes I write in the side spaces. I usually scribble random thoughts that come along my reading and it is my habit to go back to them. Often, those thoughts are resources for my writing, materials for my poetry, reminders for my life. That's the reason it is hard for me to let go of my books.

I understand.

I wish you well.

~ Jeques

Preethi said...

take anything from me.. but not a book... The Journey Home