Saturday, May 31, 2008

for my nephew

This goes for my twenty-year old nephew Aditya (meaning the sun), who is going for his management studies, after finishing his graduation in mathematics.


was it only yesterday I held you in my arms?
a wee thing, crumpled face and wrinkled skin
all skin and bones, nothing else
that did not deter me from falling in love with you
you dad asked me to name you.
boy, was I thrilled?
with whole lot of extended family adoring you
you somehow always turned to me
showing me your first piece of art
you writing skills
along with tears and scrapped knees.
indulgent I was towards you
still you sensed I could be firm too.

time, does it not fly past rather very fast?
now, you have graduated from college
venturing out for management studies;
no longer that wee child holding our hands.
what do I say, apart from this:

"be as extravagant as you can be, with words;
the only weapon you need for today's world"


Anonymous said...

What good advise. He clearly is very special to you. A truly lovely piece.

totomai said...

he is lucky to have you. watching him grow i think is also one of the best parts of your life.

Stan Ski said...

The wisdom of experience teaching the positive aspects of extravagance, rather than corruption.

Anonymous said...

Hi gautami, I enjoyed your poem, it moved me. I myself became an uncle for the first time three months ago, to a nephew who is a real joy. Thanks for sharing.
David Mascellani

rebecca said...

this was lovely guatami...very sweet and tender.

anthonynorth said...

Good advice there. I hope he feels proud.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I've always wished I was the type of person who'd make that sort of important connection with a family member. And to get to name him? What an honor!

polona said...

the time does fly... beautiful tribute and great advice :)

Robin said...

What sage advice. He is lucky to have an aunt like you.

Unknown said...

Time sure does go by quickly.

Rambler said...

I don't know why many of these "diet" tends to make people think of starvation.

Anonymous said...

This actually made me feel quite teary. Lovely piece and what a beautiful name he has!

Constance Brewer said...

How lucky he has someone to turn to for sage advice! Wonderful.

Andy Sewina said...

Words make wonderful weapons! How extravagant's that?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful advice - it flys by way too fast! I remember looking at my 14 yr old daughter when she was little, thinking, "I know everyone says it flys by, but she'll be this little forever..." How naive!

Anonymous said...

I can feel the love and wonderment in your words.

Anonymous said...

Alas, we're all getting old and the neices,nephews,sons, and daughters remind us when they reach a milestone like a graduation! What an honor and fitting tribute a poem serves to our loved ones. I'm sure he will take it with him into his future. Great read, happy Thursday! LL