Saturday, April 11, 2009

as discussed in a writer's workshop

I flipped the card over and over again,

writer's workhop, that too about women-
with my portfolio, I arrived at the workshop,
prepared to listen to the topic of discussion
It could be anything:
the nubile heroine's journey,
the ambiguous power of vamps
to evil stepmothers,
and the sheer pleasure of being a woman
told creatively in a wealth of fantastic stories.
so much in there to speak about woman-
her charishma, her power through the years

can you believe it, they were talking
about a heroine whose only talent rested
on her ability to sleep.
sleeping beauty waiting for her prince
is a non-entity for me. what is she
but a emotionally stranded heroine
whose awakening from death induced sleep
depends on a Prince's kiss. I would call him
a simpleton who had no vision
could he not leave her alone
and find someone better, a matured personality
who would have suited more to his wordly demeanor

sleeping for two decades tenaciously holding to life
is but a scary thought. waking her up by breath
of a kiss, he must have been curious. maybe I ought
to salute to the spirits of both, for leaving a fairy tale
for us. and a hope to live happily ever after.


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Lorraine said...

You are a daring woman, I'd rather think of it as a woman waiting for the breath of life, that is DEFINETELY not from a man lol, you are a wonderful,creative, writer and poet!

anthonynorth said...

A good take on the fairytale. Enjoyed that.

Rinkly Rimes said...

She'll have to go to a hairdresser as soon as she wakes up!

Anonymous said...

i like daring :)

Sage said...

This is very nice, but I found myself taken by the line towward then end, "waking up by the breath of a kiss." I thought, "after 20 years I bet she had horrible morning breath!"

linda may said...

Some are still searching and waiting. Lucky the one who has found hers.

Latree said...

I'm the sleeping woman in a way. it's just that I'm not a 'beauty' one :)

SweetTalkingGuy.. said...

Hi Gautami, I think everything has a season, and a reason - there's another story where the Princess has to kiss a frog - I'm a bit like that frog - still waiting for my Princess.

keith said...

What an interesting look at that famous tale.

Rosey said...

Now you are not going to tell me that story isn't true are you?

quin browne said...

always a pleasure reading your work

Tumblewords: said...

A great take on that old fable which is full of miss-information!

polona said...

i'll never look at the sleeping beauty in the same way again ;)

sorry i haven't been around lately... sometimes other things in life take priority. i hope i'm back to stay a while...

Bee Bee said...

haha... this was a good angle on sleeping beauty.

Jay said...

I've never thought of Sleeping Beauty as a heroine, more as a victim! That's amusing. :)

Dee Martin said...

I wonder how you would tell the story today. I think it would be much different - more in line with your piece ...