Sunday, April 19, 2009

Collaborative Frankenstory

By gautami and Andy Sewina on 17/04/09

The blue grass on the mountains grew upside down, if that is possible. if you spread chocolate on the ground and run tankers over it, goats will stop bleating and stare at you. You see they are not too fond of garlic and the amount of hummus you ate this afternoon should be enough to distract them. However, you'll have to act quickly and exhale in their direction. This may be your last chance to escape, you'll have to work fast. Get all your papers ready. If you wish we can forge everything and that would be faster. But of course you know it will cost you. She had not done anything illegal and the very idea thrilled her. She got out of the situation by the skin of her teeth. "I can't go on thinking like this anymore!" she cried into her cell phone. The sound echoed around the cavernous space sending a short sharp shock to the bolt in his neck.


By gautami and Brian on 18/04/09

Where had he landed up, he thought? Who asked him to come to this God forsaken place? It was so hot, humid and to boot it, there was dust and flies everywhere. And then he saw the most exquisite woman who never the less was not his type. He preferred hard drinking, hard loving woman and not someone who was dressed in the latest fashions. But then she glanced his way and smiled. A smile that every man yearns for and dreads, as it can snare, trap or filled with love forever. He was no different. He fell for it hook, line and sinker. And felt her claws on his back, her fangs on his neck, so delicious. Closing his eyes he savoured the oiled fingers sliding over his back and down his spine. This had been the strangest evening of his life, but he had no complaints so far. The piercing tone of the alarm jolted him out of his dream: No fair!


Now your turn to come and play...!!!

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Love the stories and they do make sense!