Friday, April 17, 2009

Will you please write a short story with me?

I found FrankenStory on a book bloggers website. Come write a story with me. Help spread the word. Feel free to publish the story we write on your blogs.

My email: gautami.tripathy[at]

Let's have some fun, folks! Please leave a comment here if you are playing!


Whitesnake said...

I dont do stories!

sage said...

this will require more thinking than my sinus pressured brain can conjure up right now... but when I saw the ad for "Franklen Story" all I could think of is Al Franklen, the commedian who may be the new senator for Minnesota (or maybe not) as the election results was only a few hundred votes apart and they're still fighting over it.

SweetTalkingGuy.. said...

Hi Gautami, mine's up in cyberspace someplace!

Sandra.if said...

please explain ...I do not understand well ....should I begin a new story and send it to you? where is yours?

Lorraine said...

hmmm I don't know what this send a paragraph and I continue it? what the hell, I'll sendyou an e-mail