Saturday, January 08, 2011

destined destination

I sit by the side of that highway
in a gloomy, dark day
an occasional car passes by
a few stop too,
going their way on my un-response
what I doing on that lonely road-
I see questions in their stance
yet I sit there, unmindful
I look at that orange tree
which is some way from where I am
in that drab day
it seems to be the only bright thing
but I know I will get what I seek
when it gets dark,
I know night is not far away
when trucks start arriving,
it gladdens me much.
you are still driving one out there,
it has been years
but you will know me from far
this is where we first met

"truck is a journey, trucker is its pivot, I am the destination"


I wrote a series of trucker poems, the one before this was written one year ago. This one is a continuation. I have always wanted to go back. Do read those too along with this. All are stand alone, yet connected.


Koby said...

My dad (and his dad before him) are truckers.. I loved reading your words, and also your other thougts about truckers... if you don't mind me asking..any truckers in your family...?

gautami tripathy said...

Koby, interesting that you asked that. No one is in my family is a trucker from any side. Almost all of them are geeks or nerds. I knew a trucker long ago, and my trucker poetry is based on the tales he used to tell me and add to that my imagination.

Terra said...

What a neat direction to take with this prompt and a fanatically creative thing to write about. Trucker poems. I was glad to read your comment to Koby, I think this a neat line of poetry and I commend your writing.

Kat said...

I loved this. What a wonderful series of poems, I'm glad you were able to continue with today's prompt. Really well done. Kat

chennairamblings said...

Beautifully put, a hint of nostalgia as well as unrequited passion coming through.
Am glad I got back to blogging if only to read such poetry again.
Happy New Year Gautami and hope to read lots more of your work.

Anonymous said...

fascinating images. I could imagine the beautiful hitchhiker, and pray that she stayed safe.

~Lissa said...

Really fascinating story!

I really like the line-

"I know I will get what I seek,
when it gets dark."

Erie. Good job!

jfb57 said...

Some brilliant images there!

anthonynorth said...

That's quite a journey. Nice one.

RJ Clarken said...

You constantly astonish me with the elegant and eloquent way you connect with prompts to create your art. I wouldn't have thought of trucks in this equation, and yet it worked brilliantly.

Susan Anderson said...

What an interesting series of poems, and this one is a wonderful addition.

Thanks for sharing them.


Unknown said...

You are always doing the unexpected! Trucker poems? Wow.
I think you could probably make a poem out of any kind of material that is thrown at you. It seems so.

I am still thinking about your poem for the letter W -'With and Without' I told a friend about that poem, but I had to explain it in Swedish. So I tried to translate a little bit of it into Swedish.
One problem is that 'With-Without' is two or three different words: 'Med/Hos-Utan'. It's difficult, but not impossible to translate poetry. Prose is easier. Poetry that rhymes is even harder.

I think that I will have to back up and read your trucker-series before I say anything more about this particular SC-post.

In any case, you are a wonderful writer!

Please take care!
Best wishes,
Anna's SC#36

Tgoette said...

Very interesting take on the prompt as usual very well written! Great work!

flaubert said...

Gautami, the destiny of a hitchiker.

Wayne Pitchko said...

I like what you did here Gautami....nicely done

Unknown said...

You are definitely becoming a favorite of mine!

Shail Raghuvanshi said...

Your post was very interesting Gautami. Tell us many more such poetic tales..

Jo said...

such an interesting take on the prompt ...

Tina said...

We sure are all going in different directions this week...

Bone said...

Wow, this is different. And just such a hopeful, beautiful piece. I felt like I was sitting there beside you.

Ames said...

Is the orange waiting for the truck? Is the truck coming to pick the orange? This was a different take on this prompt! Interesting.~Ames

Tina said...

very nice. always like to see a good poem on my centus travels :)

Jenny said...

Wow. Where did this come from. I read it twice and was amazed at the powerful word crafting here.

The thing I liked especially is that it is so open to personal interpretation.

Really a wow week for you, my dear!