Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Woes

Well, I can post NOW but seem to have lost  a post and lots of comments! Maybe we should all move to wordpress!! It has been going on for the last 30 hours or so. Maybe someone sabotaged it.



sage said...

I just founded the same thing--I actually lost a post (it is as if blogger moved back in time a few days)!

The Poet said...

Finally it's back after more than 24 hours!

I didn't lose any posts, but some of my comments disappeared. Also, link pages that existed on my dashboard before the "crash" no longer exist anymore.

Looks like we didn't exist for 1 some science fiction movie!

Deb said...

Sorry you had so many problems. Thanks for being part of the Tent.

Bone said...

Glad you're back. Though I'm smiling picturing you as the pied piper of Blogspot, leading all the blogger children to Wordpress never to return.