Thursday, July 23, 2009

loves dances from a to z

angelically moving

like a belly dancer

who convolutes to a tune

she draped herself into him

her ethereal presence

formulated certain

gentle feelings

in that stone heart

inching towards his soul

he jack-knifed

knocking her

lovely form aside

as soon moribund

naked emotions

took over




into sadness

like a heavy tomb

of umbrella.

a vellum fell from sky

walls demolished

x-axis of their love

intersected at y and z-axis.

"Love has to be three dimensional or may be four"


Unknown said...

Hello Gautami,

A soft, gentle and sad poem. Clever to have had it already written!

Nathan said...

Each word works in its place -- great job.

Mark said...

Clever, witty and fun to read.

I enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Excellent poem!

angie said...

wonderful work, Gautami! and you got the whole alphabet in there as well!!

sarah said...

Really impressive.

lance said...

You are brilliant. You can even write a poem just through alphabet.

poefusion said...

Awe, everything must intersect somewhere. This is beautiful. Hope your arm is feeling better today.

rbarenblat said...

What a lovely abecedarium!

Irene said...

You've recycled words from a previous prompt and made it work.

Jeeves said...

Wow...Like all dimensions here

Deb said...

I love how you bring your mathematical prowess into play, as well as your words!

Lorraine said...

Can't imagine how you do this, it's awesome, you're very talented, impressively so, arm better today?

Ralf Bröker said...

Nice one. And isn't it a good feeling to follow own rules and to succeed at least?

Best wishes

Lawrence Gladeview said...

i would definitely say this fits the bill for our dictionary exercise. this is executed wonderfully, the bolding of alphabetical missives a nice touch. beautifully worded. -lawrence

Anonymous said...

Especially enjoying the final lines: "x-axis of their love /
intersected at y and z-axis."

Dana said...

The entire alphabet! Lovely.

Erin Davis said...

Lovely! I think your words really leave the reader with a sad, romantic feeling.

Wayne Pitchko said...

somewhat sad....another nice poem

Whitesnake said...

"Love has to be three dimensional or may be four"

Well that is taking things ta a whole new level....E=Mc squared. said...

Loved flowing along with your music in this poem!

Lynne said...

This flows as I imagine dancing with my love. (You wove those prompt words in seamlessly.) Well done!